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Yesterday morning I went to the “mega” grocery store in town instead of making my usual fifteen-minute drive to the smaller store where it’s a pleasure for me to shop. I only needed a few things and thought it would be quicker (note to self – it’s not!)

As I approached the deli, I found a long-ish line of people. There were 3 people working behind the deli-counter so I was a bit confused as to why there were so many customers waiting, and why the line was moving so slowly.

Since I had to wait, I did what I naturally do… I observed.

I saw that one of the workers behind the counter had a white lab-style coat on – I guessed that he was from the meat department. And for whatever reason, he’d come over to the deli department to help (confirmed later.)

The man-on-loan looked a bit stressed (I would too except I worked at the deli in high school.) But surprisingly, he served people quite quickly for being out of his element (in other words he wasn’t the one holding things up!)

But here’s what I noticed:

  1. By the time he found WHAT a customer wanted in the counter, he’d forgotten HOW much they wanted (the meat they cut isn’t anywhere near where it’s displayed!) So, he had to ask them to repeat the order.
  2. He wasted meat trying to figure out which setting to use to cut it the required thickness.
  3. For every order, he went over the requested weight and had to ask the customer if it was okay.

I decided to do something differently

Now, the man-on-loan ended up serving me. Having watched how he worked, I decided to place my order differently:

First, I told him the brand and the type of deli meat I wanted.
I waited until he found it and got it onto the cutter.
And then I asked for BETWEEN 100 and 150 grams, shaved (I always get shaved.)

In other words, I made it easy for him to do his job.

Which he did.

And when he handed me the 132 grams of shaved turkey, you know what I also got?


I can’t know for sure, but I think he was both surprised and impressed with himself. And I was happy for the quick and seamless customer service experience!

Now, you might argue that since I’m the customer, I shouldn’t have had to adapt the way I placed my order. And I understand. Under normal circumstances I’d agree.

Spotting the Two In’s

But I’m really sharing this story with you because it highlights my ability to spot the Two In’s (inefficiency and ineffectiveness.) The Two In’s cost you time, energy, and money so it’s important to look for them.

It’s also a perfect example of how my mind works – how I can quickly and accurately connect the dots to create solutions for clients that actually work.

And, it shows my ability to tailor what I do to meet the needs of the person I’m supporting (it’s one of my favourite things about the work I do!)

when you’re just not that into goals

Now last week, I outlined a process to get into action on your BIG goals for 2018 in a way that’s a piece of cake.

And, shortly after, I read a Facebook post from someone who said they’re just not that into goals. And it got me wondering how many others out there don’t set goals (or targets if you prefer that term) for their business.

Which of the following most closely describes you:

  1. I set goals/targets for my business, follow through on them with little to no issue, and create consistent results throughout the year.
  2. I’m excited to set goals/targets for my business at the beginning of the year but then things seem to fall apart as the year goes on.
  3. I don’t like to set goals/targets for my business and successfully use other means to create consistent results throughout the year.
  4. I don’t like to set goals/targets for my business and haven’t found a way to create consistent results throughout the year.
  5. None of these apply to me.

If you answered 2 or 4, I may be able to help.  Don’t be shy – reach out and tell me what’s going on!  Send me an email mary@marymstrachan.com and I promise to answer you back.

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