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Being an solopreneur is awesome… until it’s not.


There are so many awesome things about being a solopreneur.

You get to create your own schedule, make all your own choices, and develop your vision for the future!

But with all that freedom and independence comes a fair share of struggles, challenges and issues.


Because you really are responsible for it all!


When things start to spin out of control, or start to slide sideways on you, it helps to have someone you can trust to talk things through so you can get back on track.

And that’s where I come in.

I bring a fresh perspective to your situation with an eye for where you can simplify, tweak, pivot, or try something a different way.

One of my superpowers is connecting the dots – especially the ones that are invisible to you!  I love learning too, and when we work together, it means you get access to everything (and everyone) I know.

Let’s keep it simple


I like to keep things simple!

That means you’ve got two options.

If you need help to solve your most pressing problem (that means ONE single problem) you book a two hour laser-focused Jump-Start Session with me.  It costs $300 (in Canadian dollars) and you can find out what’s involved here.

If you feel like your situation is more complicated, you can apply to have a One Day Intensive with me.  We’ll have time to dig a little deeper and sort out everything that’s going on for you right now.  But first let’s have a conversation to see if I’m the best person to help you.  We’ll also make sure we’re a good fit to work together.

Both the Jump-Start and One Day Intensives are solution-focused and tailored to your specific needs.

I also offer 30 Day Work Sprints where I stay by your side as you work on a specific project.  Ask me about the details in a Clarity Call.


Bring some fresh and renewed energy to your situation!


If things feel super-complicated, it's best for us to have a chat.


Get to know me

You’re welcome to have a look around.  I interviewed myself here.  B is for Brilliant (my podcast) and my blog are great places to start.  You can also come hang out with me in The Nest (my FB group.)


Send them to me in an email to mary@marymstrachan.com or simply call me!  647-224-5983.

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