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why do you fall into the re-creation cycle?

When you take it, you’ll have a clear picture of what’s going on for you when it comes to that Re-Creation Cycle we’ve been talking about.  In case you missed it, it goes something like this:

idea – create – release – scramble to sell – undesirable results – set it aside/scrap it – new idea…

I’ve run myself through the assessment(!) and will share some of what I discovered(!!!) in my next blog post.

You’ll find instructions on how to interpret your answers on page 3, along with an invitation to share your results with me, so I can help you can gain an even deeper understanding of your situation (via a tip or another question.)

Click here to take the Re-Creation Cycle Mini Assessment.

And have a wonderful weekend (I’ll be sorting through my basement looking for stuff to put in the neighbourhood garage sale!)

Take the Re-Creation Cycle Mini Assessment

Find out what makes you susceptible to the Re-Creation Cycle.