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It’s been amazing to continue the “Re-Creation Cycle” conversation with other entrepreneurs these past two weeks. I absolutely LOVE it when you share what my ideas and thoughts spark for you!

Now, this all started because of an interview I saw on The Tonight Show, and today, I have another piece of the puzzle to share with you, also thanks to Jimmy Fallon (JF).

And, no, I don’t watch him every day. I don’t record the show either (people asked me this.)  However, he is my go-to when I need a laugh (I dare you to watch one of his lip sync battles and not laugh – or a conversation with Blake Shelton for that matter) or when I need a dose of inspiration from someone who’s totally “in their element.” (I’ll write about that another time.)

Back to the puzzle piece.

While giving a recap of upcoming guests, he shared that Robert De Niro would be on the show. And then he told this story:

When he first became the host of The Tonight Show, JF didn’t know who would actually say yes to be a guest. He was new. He had no way to know for sure that the show would be a success.

And neither did potential guests. So why would they take the risk and agree to be on the show?

There were spots to fill, as he tells the story, so JF got on the phone and started calling people to personally invite them (because as he joked, the line-up couldn’t just be Justin Timberlake, Justin Timberlake, Justin Timberlake…)

And when he asked Robert De Niro, Robert De Niro said YES. And as you can imagine, that meant a lot to JF, which is why he shared the story in the first place.

just so we’re clear

In case it’s not clear, here’s the piece of the puzzle I wanted to bring to your attention:

He was new to the show, had spots to fill, and got on the phone and started calling people to personally invite them.

Talk about taking action to create the results he wanted!

What shows up for you when you read that sentence?  Is this something you already do? Or does it invoke some other kind of reaction? You tell me yours in an email, and I’ll write back and tell you mine!  mary@marymstrachan.com

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