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Was 2017 everything you’d hoped it would be?

You’re probably making plans for 2108.   Maybe you’re picking your one word, or setting goals and income targets.

I understand the value of looking ahead and setting a course to guide you.  But today, I’m asking you to take a few minutes to take an honest look back on 2017.

What will you see?

I’ve come up with some questions to help you reflect.  Feel free to add your own.

Keep in mind that this is an exercise in awareness – NOT an opportunity to make yourself wrong or go all “Judgy McJudgerson*” on yourself.

I’ll do it along with you and share some of my answers.

8 Questions

Looking back at the year, what makes you smile?

Now, what makes you frown?

  • I was unwell a lot in 2017
  • I missed the chance to meet a lot of those fabulous people at an event because I was unwell and couldn’t travel
  • I had a lot of stops and starts in the final months of the year that made it tricky for me to get into a flow

How are your numbers (income, clients, program participants, etc.?)

While mine are moving in the right direction, the growth is much slower than I’d imagined.

At the beginning of the year, what ideas or projects did you have in mind for 2017?

  • finalize the basic foundation of my business (mission, title, main message)
  • create an opt-in
  • decide on my offers
  • create a FB community
  • start a podcast

Which ones did you start to work on?

  • all of them

What ones did you set aside or leave unfinished?

  • the FB community stands out for me
  • promoting the quiz to a wider audience (interesting – I’ve been a little upset at myself for not getting to this, but I notice that it wasn’t on my list above)

Looking back, what are you most proud of? (Please take the time to CELEBRATE here! Seriously… breathe it in…)

I’m most proud that I’m finally able to understand the VALUE of what I offer to clients and that I’ve priced my services to reflect that.

Now, looking at your answers, how do you feel?  

I feel a mixture of things – some disappointment and a deep sense of accomplishment too.  Looking back, I realize that given everything we had going on (my husband also had surgery this year) I did alright!   I’m also feeling inspired and excited to move forward in 2018!

The Moment of Truth

If this has helped you see that 2017 was an amazing year, then I’m sending you a virtual high five right now. I’m so happy for you, and wish you continued momentum and success in 2018!!

If you’re feeling like you didn’t get the results you were hoping for, or realized that you got off track, or maybe you didn’t finish what you started, it’s okay. I’m sending you a virtual hug right now.

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Mary Strachan

Mary Strachan

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