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That’s my score on the Chaos Assessment Tool I recently shared.

A 52 means indicates a “mild” amount of chaos. With a few tweaks, I can reduce its impact.

I can make a few tweaks.

And I know exactly why that number’s shown up.

For example, two weeks ago, I made two trips to the pet store within three days of each other – both times, minutes before it closed.  Once because we were all out of dog food and then again because we were out of cat food.  I could have gone a third time for kitty litter.

It’s been a similar situation for groceries.  I’ve had to run out and get ingredients at the last minute for dinners, and there was a day when I didn’t have enough food for the kids’ lunches, sparking a 7 am trip to the grocery store.

I was ready to move out of the cycle of chaos

There’s no doubt I was operating in the Reactive, Stressed and Scrambling Zone.

And, by last Friday, I was in the Tired, Overwhelmed and Struggling Zone.

(If you haven’t watched the video about the Cycle of Chaos, now’s a good time – it explains this nicely.)

By Saturday, I’d decided to move out of that cycle. So of course, I looked to the Alter-Ego’s for some clues.

Clues from the Visionary Alter-Ego

And, I gave some thought to the Visionary Alter-Egos to see how they might be contributing to the situation.  Here’s the main challenge I discovered:

Gretta Grinder has been working overtime to keep up with Izzy Ideas and Patti Planner.  I’ve been ignoring the boundaries I’ve set up in my calendar, working through them to try to finish everything I’ve started.

When I’m in Gretta Grinder mode, I’m so focused on what’s in front of me that I don’t stop and give myself the time I need for other things (like make a shopping list.)  And I’m so busy “doing” that I don’t register what’s going on around me (like the dog food is getting low.)  When Gretta’s in overdrive, it’s a challenge for me to shift into being truly present with other aspects of my life.

Now I mentioned Izzy Ideas and Patti Planner – the dynamic duo of inspiration – you’ve got to love their enthusiasm.  And, in the past two weeks or so, my attention has been on some longer-term planning, which is totally amazing for me.  And, I’ve let some of the usual weekly planning slide, bringing on the series of reactions I mentioned above.

When I look at the situation through the lens of the Visionary Alter-Ego’s, it makes complete sense.  And, it helps me see how to get back into that middle zone again (Calm, Perceptive and Earning.)

What about you?

What about you?  Have you thought about how the Visionary Alter-Egos contribute to the chaos or the ease you experience in your business?  Can you see how to embrace them to get yourself back on track?  Where can you transfer what works well for you in one area over to support you in another?

Now, if you don’t know your Visionary Alter-Ego, you’ll want to take the quiz!

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Have you met your Visionary Alter-Ego?

Once you meet your Visionary Alter-Ego, you’ll have a whole new understanding of WHAT’S holding you back in your business.  And then you can start leveraging its power.  Who will yours be?

Take the quiz!