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get your priorities straight

I grew up on a dairy farm a mile outside a small town in rural south-western Ontario. That’s me (at age 8, according to the sign) in my 10 x 10 garden I grew as a member of the Junior Horticultural Society.

Clearly no one cared that my name and age were on display for strangers to read as they drove by! THAT right there tells you the kind of childhood I had. Seriously – we lived on a major highway!

Another significant influence? My “older” parents. My dad was 48 when I was born; my mom was 42. She was 18 when my oldest brother was born. It’s important I say that, because back then, it was way more “normal” to have a baby at 18 than at 42.

So not only did I grow up a “farmer’s daughter” but I grew up with parents who were two generations ahead of me instead of one. I cut my teeth at quilting bees and joined the local 4H Homemaking Club at age 12. There was ZERO expectation that I attend university (although I did.)

It also meant that I grew up hearing expressions like, “Pink sky at night, sailor’s delight.” Because there was no weather app to predict if the next day would be a good day to cut hay or not.

When one of us dropped a piece of cutlery, another would happily exclaim, “company’s coming!” I don’t remember the “code” now, but each utensil corresponded to a man, a woman, or a couple (you can Google it.)

Another one I heard from time to time?

“As the crow flies…”

Now this one’s interesting. When asked how long it would take to get somewhere, my dad had two options. He might say that by car, it would take an hour. Or he could reply that it was 30 minutes “as the crow flies.”


Because the crow flies in a straight line from Point A to Point B, of course! It wouldn’t have to follow the roads built to accommodate the landscape. Or stop at stop signs, or navigate detours. It would simply fly straight.

The Road from A to B vs. As the Crow Flies

I help entrepreneurs get from Point A to Point B

Now, when I strip the work I do right down to its essence, I know it’s about supporting entrepreneurs to take steps to get from Point A to Point B in their business.

But part of why I hesitate to describe my work this way is because it sounds too linear. Too “as the crow flies” so to speak.

It sounds like everyone starts at the same Point A.

And that everyone ends up at the same Point B.

Worse? It implies that to be successful, there’s a pre-defined set of steps you need to take in the middle.

But nothing, my friend, NOTHING, could be farther from the truth.

When you’re trying to get from A to B in your business – no matter what your B is – or how big or small it is – it’s important to have a plan.  But the plan needs to be YOUR plan – not someone else’s.  Not your coach’s plan.  Not someone’s you met at a networking meeting last week.  Yours.

If you want to get from A to B in your business but you don’t have a plan, or you have one but you’re not getting anywhere with it, let’s have a Clarity Call to see how I can support you.