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There’s a difference between creating results and creating consistent results​

As I write this, there’s only 56 more days left in the year.  I’m gearing up to help service providers go from planning to implementing in 2019, so I thought I’d highlight the difference between creating a result and creating a consistent result. 

For example. 

Let’s say you want to host a retreat in 2019 and you want 10 people sign up. That’s a result you want to create. Think of it as a “one time” project. 

Now, let’s say you want to bring in $5000+ EVERY month. That’s a consistent result you want to create. It’s more of an “on-going” project.

You’re probably starting to see the difference between the two. 

A one time project, like hosting a full retreat, has a distinct start and finish to it. Once it’s done, you can wrap it up and move onto something else. You plan the retreat, you fill it, you host it, you evaluate it, and it’s done. Next! 

However, once you start working on bringing in that $5000+ per month, and you do it once, you need to repeat it again and again and again. Even when you get into the habit of it, it’s not really finished because you need to maintain and sustain it. 

​​When you’re wonderfully optimistic and very ambitious with your plans and ideas

I want you to understand the difference between the two as you think through your plans for 2019.  If it’s important to work on your version of a consistent result in 2019, then I want you to be prepared for the amount of time and energy it will take.  Keep in mind that you’ll need to sustain it over time. 

I say this because I can’t help but notice how wonderfully optimistic and very ambitious so many entrepreneurs are in their ideas and plans.  But when they go to implement it all, things can go sideways pretty quickly because they’ve overcommitted themselves. 

When you look at all the things you want to do in 2019, I encourage you to mix a few drops of reality in with your ideas and dreams. Ground them in what’s practical for you.  Remember all the other commitments you’ve already made and naturally have.   Think about inside and outside your business.

Here’s what I know

When you’re careful to choose what one time projects you’ll layer on top on your on-going projects, you’re less likely to over-extend yourself.  You’ll also have room for the fun stuff and the unplanned opportunities that will come your way throughout the year.​  


To be even more efficient and conserve your time and energy even more, co-ordinate the one-time projects with your on-going ones!

I’ll be sharing more planning tips and the details of an upcoming masterclass in the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned!

Keep these tips in mind on your journey to consistent results!

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