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Given how much I love Cerries Mooney, you’d think our story might have a different beginning…

But, here’s the truth:

I took Cerries’ Primary Archetype Test purely on a WHIM!

A friend had taken it because she interviewed Cerries as part of her tele-summit, and suggested I do the same.  I was in need of a little distraction at the time, so I thought, what the heck – it can’t hurt!

But what started out as pure curiosity quickly evolved into a genuine appreciation for everything Cerries.

Here are some of the things I adore most about her:

Her British accent makes me feel like I’m wrapped up in the warmest hug ever.

Everything she creates is soooo pretty that it takes my breath away AND soothes my soul at the same time.

Reading her book, Undefinable, literally set me free from the idea that I had to know everything before I could do anything, and allowed me to give myself permission to simply allow things to evolve.

Her opt-in, and what follows, The Business Initiation Kit, (a pay-what-you-can offering) is phenomenal – I’ve not come across anything else that compares.

So, not only does she make beautiful products, but every single one of them is helpful, and, for lack of a better phrase, packs a powerful punch.   That’s a pretty awesome combination!  I refer to her material often.

She speaks openly about her relationship with depression, and is an inspiration to those who know its depth.  

She whole-heartedly promotes full self-expression and there are no cookie cutters in sight (although she does have a fondness for her Bullet Journal.)  She encourages entrepreneurs to follow their own unique path, and even cautions that the Archetypes are meant to serve as a guide.

Her blog posts are meaningful, heartfelt, and insightful.  I read every single one of them – they’re THAT good.

And finally, she helps people connect to who they are at their core – visually and creatively – through pictures and colours – in something called a Blend Board.  That’s no small feat, and it’s truly inspiring to me.

So thank you, Cerries Mooney, for being Brilliant with a capital B.

Thank you for coming into my life so unexpectedly, with such grace and humility.

It was the most pleasant-est of surprises!