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I like to use my monthly planner to take backwards steps to complete a project.  Do you?

I call this process “back dating” and I’ve been doing it for a long time – since at least my university days – and it is easily applied to different contexts.  It’s an essential project management skill, and I believe no one should leave high school without learning it!

In today’s post, I’m actually going to take you through the process, using a real example from my life – since we’re hosting Easter dinner at my house in two weeks, I really needed to map it out!  So you’ll get to see and hear me use a monthly planning calendar (like I talked about in Are You Ready to Start Taming Your Time Trolls?) to plan and back date this “event.”

  • start by adding the event date or project end date to your calendar
  • fill in any other commitments you have between now and that date
  • create deadlines for yourself for tasks you need to accomplish
  • make a “to do” list or task list as you go so you don’t forget
  • be sure to prioritize what is most important
  • if you can choose the due date or event date, be sure to leave yourself enough time!