I’ve been exploring the relationship between visibility and marketing lately.

How are they different?

Are they distinctly separate activities?

How do they fit together?

My Thoughts

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Marketing = actively promoting a service, product or program. It leads to sales (and no’s.)

Visibility facilitates and supports your marketing. Visibility draws attention to your marketing. Visibility = showing up, being seen/heard, engaging, educating, connecting, community building, etc.

Visibility is part of your overall marketing strategy. They are interconnected, yet separate activities. Therefore, visibility deserves its own strategy.

Strategy is Important

Unless you want to be running here, there, and everywhere, it’s important to have a well thought out strategy in place as you work to be visible.  For me, that simply means that you choose a few things to try and then pay attention to what works for you.  Over time, you do more of what works and let the other stuff drop away.

Which of These Signs Speak to You?

With that in mind, here are some signs your visibility strategy needs some TLC:

a)  you’re asking, “what visibility strategy?”
b)  you dread the thought of doing whatever it is you’ve got to do to “be visible”
c)  people tell you that you’re different in real life than on-line
d)  your numbers (followers, subscribers, etc.) aren’t growing
e)  you’ve made a lot of connections but your sales are slow
f)  the people who do buy from you turn out to be less than ideal clients/customers
g) all of the above

Send Me Your Letters

Send me the letters that apply to you, and I’ll help you understand what’s really going on.  I’ll also share a tip, suggestion, or a resource once I know your situation a bit better.  Here’s my email:  mary@marymstrachan.com

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