Now that we’ve covered WHY the way you work best really does matter to your business, let’s move on to some signs and symptoms that all may not be well with how you’ve structured your offers.

Let’s start with an example – my own story.


When I first started my coaching practice, I offered 1 hour sessions with no pre-defined commitment length. I decided to do that because it’s what I saw some other coaches do.

However, I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to earn a living this way, so I started listening to tele-seminars, etc. and was eventually coached to offer a 12 month program with 3 calls per month @ 1/2 hour per call. That was the golden ticket to a 6 figure income!


Because guess what?

1/2 hour was NOT long enough for me to spend with a client.

It felt way too rushed and I really didn’t enjoy it!

It was really stressful to cram everything into such a short time.

And, I also really disliked the idea of locking in with a client for 12 months at a time.

It felt much, much too long (for both me and the client.)

I didn’t feel confident about said offer, so my marketing was half-hearted at best.

Sometimes I’d offer it, but secretly I really hoped they’d say no, because I dreaded the idea of following through with it.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I felt like there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t conform to status quo.


1. You created your offer(s) based on an industry standard or what you saw someone else doing. You may have been coached or taught to use a certain formula to create your offer.

2. You feel drained, irritable, overwhelmed, rushed, stressed out, empty inside (or otherwise out of sorts) before, during, or after delivering your offer.

3. You balk at or put off marketing and/or selling your offer(s).

4. Your work isn’t as rewarding as you thought it would be.

5. If you’re working with clients, they aren’t getting the results you know they could.


If you created your offer(s) as I expressed in #1 and you have none of the other signs or symptoms, then all’s good – no need to mess with a good thing.


Do any of the signs and symptoms I’ve outlined above feel familiar to you?

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