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There are many ways to be consistent in your business.  One way is to create consistent results (like a predictable income or a steady flow of new people into your world.)

Here are 6 Tips to Keep in Mind on Your Journey to Consistent Results.

How many hours do you REALLY spend on your business?  And what do you do with your time?  

You might be surprised at the end of the week, or it might just confirm what you already know.  Either way, you’ll be able to use the data you gather to make decisions, calculate your “actual hourly wage” and discover new ways to become more efficient and effective in your business.

As entrepreneurs, you’ve probably heard that visibility is key to your success.  But what if you’re working hard to show up but all that hard work just isn’t paying off?

Learn the 5 common misalignments that can lead to visibility fatigue in entrepreneurs.