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We’re into exams here, and someone (who shall remain nameless but is in grade 10) was a little grumpy yesterday. He had the chance to upgrade a mark going into an exam, but couldn’t find out the answers to two of the questions on the assignment.

He’d looked them up on Google, but couldn’t figure out how to do the search in a way that he’d get the right answers back.

Rather than ask me or his dad for help, he planned to just hand it in with the same WRONG answers he’d given the first time around (insert my look of disbelief here.)

It took some wrangling, but he eventually showed me the questions and I helped him re-word them so he could find the answers he needed (they were only worth two marks, but still!)  And then we called a knowledgable uncle to double check what he’d found.

I’ll be the first to admit that Google and YouTube are my best friends when I need to research a topic or figure out how to insert a special character in a document. etc. etc.

But there comes a time that you need a REAL person to step in to support and guide you.

quizzes gain popularity

I know that right now, many people are drawn to create a quiz for their opt-in. Unlike an exam, a quiz is actually a fun way to offer CLARITY, and done correctly, provides VALUE to someone in exchange for their email address.

And, Google will only get you so far.

If “create a quiz” is on your to-do list this year, and you’d like to accelerate your results, I’m currently accepting applications to work one-on-one with me to get-yours-done!

(If you want to create an opt-in but it’s not a quiz, it’s okay. Just substitute the word opt-in where you read quiz.)



Take a minute now to answer this question.

Which of the following best describes where you are in the process of quiz building?

J. I know I want to create a quiz but that’s as far as I’ve got.

A. I’ve got the ideas for my quiz in my head but I feel unsure about or overwhelmed by all the moving parts involved.

G. I’ve got a plan for my quiz, but it’s almost February and I haven’t found the time to work on it yet.

C. I’ve got a plan, I’m making progress, and my quiz will be up and running shortly!

What’s your answer? ________

If you chose C, good job! I’d be happy to beta test it for you – send me the link when you’re ready! Or, if you’re past that stage, let me know when I can take it:)

If you chose J, I suggest a JumpStart Session to get you some clarity around why you want to make a quiz and get your thoughts organized so you’re ready to take the next step when the time is right.

If you chose A, you’d really benefit from an Action Map Creation Daywhere we’d break the process down into bite size pieces, setting you up to take action.

If you chose G, think about working with me in a Get-It-Done Partnership to start and finish the whole kit and caboodle in 90 Days.


Next Steps

Working with me 1:1 to develop and debut your quiz means:

  • less time spent Googling and more time taking focused action (it will feel great!)
  • getting-it-done sooner than later (which means you start offering value and growing your audience sooner!)
  • feeling proud of yourself for finishing what you started (high fives all around, you rockstar!)

If this appeals to you, apply to work with me here.



Come to my webinar:  5 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Create That Quiz!