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Foundations Program for Small Groups

$1,375 USD / $1,800 CAD

The Group Foundations Program takes my signature, one-on-one business strategy experience and puts it into a more affordable small group format. Together, with a maximum of five  purpose-driven business women like you, we’ll identify your goals, create a plan to achieve them and get to work turning the plan into reality. 

The group program is perfect for the entrepreneur who: 

  • Wants customized support tailored to her personality, strengths and how she likes to do business
  • Enjoys working collaboratively on her vision in a small group format
  • Wants to be more confident in her business decision-making
  • Subscribes to the “measure twice and cut once” philosophy
  • Values business coaching but has a limited budget 

What Clients Are Saying

I often get overwhelmed when creating something new in my business. Mary is like a superhero when it comes to this type of support. Her prep time before the workshop is always fantastic. She prepares you so you know exactly what to expect. Next, Mary’s ability to quickly sort out each participant’s needs was magic to watch. And all of the participants’ projects were very diverse.  Observing what others were working on was very helpful to me. l could learn and take away tips for use in my current and future projects. I really enjoyed the group experience and I would highly recommend working with Mary. Barbara

Wellness Balancing

How It Works

The Foundations Program is comprised of three phases: Discovery and Immersion, which occur during the first six weeks, and Action, which occurs during the final 90 days.

Discovery Phase

During the Discovery Phase I’ll get to know you and your business better. I’ll have you complete the Big Picture Blueprint workbook and Alignment Grid exercise independently, and we’ll have a private phone call to discuss your findings. These activities will help us both get a better picture of where you are now and where you’d like to be. In your first workshop, we’ll compile your final Big Picture Blueprint and share these outcomes with everyone in the group to better understand how each person works. I’ll also explain the Alignment Grid and how to understand your Square(s) and use them to amplify your impact.

Immersion Phase

During the Immersion Phase, we’ll develop a strategy to help you meet your goals. There will be three group workshops. We’ll brainstorm your sales pipeline with the group and have a private one-on-one phone call afterward to discuss and refine what you came up with. Then we’ll use those details to create an Action Map that will breakdown achieving your goals into manageable chunks. 

Action Phase

During the Action Phase, we’ll work together to make progress on your Action Map and begin achieving your goals. This includes one half-day-long sprint and three 90 minute-long progress/mastermind calls with the group. You’ll have one private phone call with me during the Action Phase to discuss whatever you’d like, such as if you’re feeling stuck.

Program Features


Mastermind experience – Community is a key component to a successful business, which is baked in to the group Foundations experience. You’ll have access to the like-minded entrepreneurs who are part of your group and will use group-think to solve your business problems. 

The Alignment Grid™ – One of my favourite tools is the Alignment Grid™️, which helps you understand your natural working and persuasion styles. If you’ve ever felt icky after doing something you were “supposed to” do in your business, it’s likely because the action was misaligned with your Alignment Grid™ Squares. I’ll walk you through the Grid, your Squares and what they mean so you can continue to take aligned action at work. 

Completion Partnership add-on – If we get to the end of the Foundations Program and you feel like 120 days just wasn’t enough, you’ll have the option of purchasing a Completion Partnership in 30-day increments. 

Ready to amplify your impact?

It all starts with a free Clarity Call. Let’s talk and get to know each other.

I want to hear about your business, your challenges and your questions for me. I’ll make recommendations for you at the end of the call, which may include working together or other resources that can help you.