Business Strategy + Coaching

For women who put their heart and soul into their work, have a strong desire to create something magnificent, and are finished following someone else’s roadmap to success.

Let’s put planning behind your purpose.

We’re going to make an amazing team, you and me. 

Your job is to make the world a better place. My job is to amplify that impact. 

And let me just say, I love my job. I know you love yours too — helping people is your calling, and I’m so grateful we have business women like you in the world. But if you want to affect as much change as possible, it’s time to tackle burnout and uncertainty head-on. 

When we work together in one of my Foundations Programs, I’ll help you achieve the simplicity, strategy and sustainability you’ve been yearning for in your business.  

Which option will you choose?

Do you prefer working with a business coach one-on-one? Do you like working in a small group and bouncing ideas off of your peers? Maybe a two-day intensive is more your style? I offer the same great content in three different formats so you can find the one that works best for your learning style, timeline and budget.

Group Foundations Program

Individual Foundations Program

Foundations Retreat

What Others Are Saying About Foundations

As an entrepreneur, you can’t do it all on your own.  Having Mary to help see through the overwhelm and prioritize your thoughts and tasks will reduce the stress and support you to have success in your business.


Our Purposeful Journey

If you need some “get it done-assistance” or transformational back up, I can highly recommend Mary to be your facilitator. My ideas ended up into a whole list of clear actions I can take now. Besides that, my head is a little lighter now, which gives me space to work on the action list. 


Feeling Fab Academy

The plan that Mary and I developed together is simple and strategic. I know it will help me grow my business far into the future long after my time with Mary is done. Most importantly, our work together has brought me confidence. I feel sure of my business and the direction I’m taking it, and that I am well-equipped to make decisions quickly and with conviction. That feeling of confidence Mary fostered in me is invaluable in the world of online business where we constantly compare and second-guess ourselves.


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Unsure which program is best for you?

No problem. Let’s have a chat and I can give you a recommendation (either for one of my programs or, if we’re not a fit, for another resource that can help you.)