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Working with Mary is a wonderful experience. She offers an incredible combination of knowledge, expertise, kindness and generosity. If you want an Action Map – a step-by-step plan to accomplish your project and reach your goal – then I highly recommend working with Mary Strachan.

She knows what questions to ask to help you get clarity on what you want to offer and how you want to offer it, then guides you on an exploratory conversation to figure out exactly how to GET. IT. DONE.

Mary eliminates the “I don’t know where to start” fear and all the guesswork of what “next steps” to take. She is a committed partner who truly wants to see you succeed.

Jodi Graber

Bravo Wellness

I signed up to attend the Create a Realistic 90 Day Plan Workshop because I’ve known Mary for awhile now and wanted to hear her perspective.  I really appreciated the structure and categories Mary shared for making a plan.

I realized how important it is to make time for marketing.  When you attend this workshop, you will gain a new perspective and new techniques to use in your business.

Joy Marcotte

Lomi Lomi Practitioner and Belief Coach

My project work with Mary started informally quite a few months before hiring her. I was considering developing a quiz as my new opt in on my website. She offered strategic advice and guidance which led me to develop the content of the quiz over the next few months. I contacted Mary for advice on what type of quiz tool to use, and, after that conversation I asked her if she would do the implementation work. I had confidence in her knowledge of the quiz tool and how to best coordinate the implementation with my VA and website designer.

I valued Mary’s expertise, patience and ability to go above and beyond with troubleshooting during the testing period. We encountered a stumbling block with integration with my email marketing system which I had just converted over to. She went as far as troubleshooting with my email marketing provider and making recommendations which we decided to move forward with. I immediately achieved time and cost savings. My VA was not familiar with quiz building and it would have taken her longer to implement which would have cost me more money.  Once the quiz launches, I know it will be a great tool to build my list and new clients.

Mary is a valuable resource that has a skill set you may not easily find. She’s able to be strategic and take your strategy into implementation. I have struggled with so many different ideas that I didn’t have the time or expertise to implement. This quiz was one of them! It took me many months to work through before I reached out to Mary for help. Mary is an absolute pleasure to work with. I found her very detail-oriented, knowledgeable and very supportive throughout the time we worked together on this project. I would highly recommend her.

Barbara Alexander

Sales and Leadership Coach

I was looking for more structure in my business, especially information on how to set up a plan to generate more business.  Mary’s Create a Realistic 90 Day Plan Workshop helped me understand how to better delegate my time.

I especially appreciated learning the importance of prioritizing both my business and personal commitments to better balance my schedule.

Sara Hodge

Social Media Specialist

Mary Strachan IS the brilliant “sweet spot between a coach and a virtual assistant”. Mary sees the detail in our biggest vision and then she connects the dots and the details to support the vision, giving it strength and traction! The 30 days of support, resources, clarity and detail Mary provided was like receiving a magical golden egg of dots all connecting with each other to complete the whole picture. She helps make the invisible visible uncovering what we as big picture visionaries don’t always see. Hiring Mary definitely assisted me in getting things done, from the starting point all the way to completion. What an incredible sense of accomplishment in only 30 days. Who knew it would be so easy with the support of someone like Mary, laser focused on building the plan and creating incredible momentum. I would highly recommend booking a Clarity Call with Mary to learn what is possible for you. Thank you Mary!

Simone Usselman-Todd

Wild About Wellness

When I contacted Mary, I was looking for help with organizing my business work, tasks and my calendar … so that I could maximize my productivity and reduce overwhelm. I loved the way that Mary listened to my needs with the intent to understand and to find solutions that would work. Suggesting that I schedule ‘light days’ and ‘days off’ into my calendar was brilliant!

The next three months of my calendar are all sketched out! I have my light and off days … my business task days AND my project days all set so that I can effectively implement my 90-day goals. I love the content creation flow chart that was created! And I am prepared to create habits and process notes for my own sanity now and to prepare for hiring a VA in the near future.

My advice to others who are considering working with Mary:  Just do it! I am amazed at how quickly Mary ‘got me’ and was able to help me organize my workflow and my calendar in a way that really works for me. I had been struggling with this for months and wish I would have found her sooner!  I am looking forward to our next project together!

Kathy Kawalec

Cognitive Dog Training

I was looking for some clarity and for someone who could think along with me about the possibilities of applying marketing in the way that fits me. I needed some structure in my thinking too. Mary brought clarity to my chaos. My head overflowed with ideas. She helped me to structure this. I had a great vision of my possibilities and options after my JumpStart Session with Mary. The internet makes it so easy to even connect with Europe!

What I like so much about Mary is that she shares her ideas in calmness. There is a very serene ambiance during her sessions. And she translates what you try to say, into clear descriptions, which makes it all so much easier. I also appreciate how all she shares is customized not only to my business, but also to me personally. Mary makes it all look so much easier.

My ideas ended up into a whole list of clear actions I can take now. Besides that, my head is a little lighter now, which gives me space to work on the actionlist.

I really think that when you want to work with somebody, you have to have a click with that person. I could feel that very well with Mary. So if you need some “get it done-assistance” or transformational back up, I can highly recommend Mary to be your facilitator.

Linda de Jong-Potgiesser

Feeling Fab Academy

Imagine my astonishment when, in one session with Mary, I was able to gain the long-awaited clarity I had been struggling to find on a business dilemma that had been troubling me for months.  I had attempted all the usual methods to find a solution on my own:  writing things out, mind-mapping, deep introspection, discussions with colleagues… none of them ended up helping me find the answer.  I’m incredibly grateful for my clarity session with Mary, which was filled with multiple a-ha moments and excellent, gold-nugget pieces of wisdom.  Mary knew exactly what questions to ask and was incredibly perceptive in helping me discover the ideal strategy for moving forward.”

Sara Hodge

Founder and CEO, Strong and Worthy, Mums 'n' Chums