Design a Big Picture Plan to guide and support your actions

(that’s unique to you and won’t box you in.)

Let me map out your Big Picture Blueprint with you.

I’ll provide the framework so you don’t have to waste time and worry about finding the right template.

I’ll guide you through all the details, translating your thoughts and ideas into a cohesive vision for the year.

We’ll work together to put all the pieces together so it’s done quickly and ready to implement (without feeling rushed.)

I’ll be your sounding board and voice of reason from start to finish as you create a plan that’s do-able and sustainable.


Create your foundation for focused, purposeful and aligned action.

What’s Included:

Pre Kick-Off Call Workbook to organize your thoughts and prioritize your ideas, including:  the 3 most important results you want to create, monthly income targets, your sources of income, your marketing foundation + more

Deep Dive Into The Alignment Grid Program ($97 US value)

1 hour Kick-Off Call to review what you’ve got in mind for the year

3 hours Private Planning Time with me to pull it all together and set you up to start taking action

A copy of your made-with-you, tailored-to-you Big Picture Blueprint

Recommendations on next steps

Investment: $450 CDN (or 2 payments of $225)

Convert to your currency.

Planned is a good choice for you if you:

  • have at least one product/service/program that you’ve sold previously
  • are ready to step into a new way of running your business that is more proactive and co-ordinated
  • have struggled with planning in the past yet understand that it’s critical to your ability to make progress
  • want to save time by allowing me to guide you through the process rather than figure it all out on your own

Take the first step

If you’ve come this far on a wing and a prayer, it’s time to settle into a more grounded and cohesive approach to your business – an approach that allows your body and mind to relax, because you’re finally safe and secure in knowing what comes next.

You’re focused.

You’re on purpose.

You’re making progress in a way that feels really good to you.

And you can’t imagine running your business any other way.

What it’s like to work with me privately

Mary sees the detail in our biggest vision and then she connects the dots and the details to support the vision, giving it strength and traction!


I am amazed at how quickly Mary ‘got me’ and was able to help me organize my workflow and my calendar in a way that really works for me. I had been struggling with this for months and wish I would have found her sooner!


Working with Mary is a wonderful experience. She offers an incredible combination of knowledge, expertise, kindness and generosity.


Take command of your business.

When you create your personalized Big Picture Blueprint for your business, you lay a strong foundation that’s serves as your guide throughout the year.

You take away the guesswork.  You take action with more certainty.  

You make choices with confidence, filtering out what doesn’t fit your vision, embracing what moves you closer to your end goals.

With a clear picture of where you’re going, you don’t need to keep scrambling to pull a rabbit from a hat (that’s a pretty cool trick but let’s save it for a party, okay?)  

You know what offers to make, how much money you need to earn, and what projects to complete.

Sound good?

Design a Big Picture Business Blueprint that you’ll want to implement.

Because plans don’t belong in a drawer.

And you’re awesome:)

$450 CDN

(or 2 payments of $225)

Convert to your currency.

Want to talk to me before you buy?

Book a 2019 Planning Clarity Call with me.

We’ll discuss your planning needs and make sure we’re a good fit to work together!