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Design a Pipeline

Unlike a traditional sales funnel, a pipeline is a unique reflection of you because it builds on your Marketing Foundation™. 

It leverages your Natural Style and your Personal Persuasion Power to attract an audience that actually wants what you have to offer, reducing the likelihood of customer service issues and difficult clients.

(If you don’t know your Marketing Foundation, get your free Find My Alignment Kit or purchase a Deep Dive Session with me!)


Pipeline HeartBeat Session

I’ll help you brainstorm some ideas for your pipeline so you can choose the one that feels right to you. 

You’ll connect to its heartbeat (AKA your why) and identify what might get in your way as you begin to work towards it.

All this happens in a 2 hour session with a 30-minute follow up call. 


To get started, schedule a session through my online booking calendar (you’ll pay there too.)

Pipeline Action Map

(The next step after a HeartBeat Session, to map out the HOW.)

Have me create an Action Map for you when you have the idea for your pipeline and:

  • it feels way too complicated or big
  • you’re not quite sure where to start
  • there’s too many moving parts
  • the details overwhelm you

Here’s how the Action Map process works:

Step 1. We spend about 3 hours together.  I ask questions and help you translate your pipeline idea into tangible tasks.

Step 2. I take away all that information and turn it into an Action Map that lays outs out the steps for you.

Step 3. You review the Action Map.  I make revisions to your map upon request.


Completion Partnerships

(An excellent choice if you need on-going support and accountability to finish your pipeline.)

I offer Completion Partnerships to clients who have worked with me to create an Action Map or have worked with another Certified Ambassador for the Alignment Grid™ and have a well-defined plan of action. 

That way we can get right to work. 

A Completion Partnership includes: 

  • a 2 hour kick-off call
  • 2-1 hour check-in calls (for every 30 days)
  • a half-day project day to work on your project (for every 30 days)
  • between call support (Voxer or email) 

INVESTMENT:  $900 CAD for 30 Days / $2700 CAD for 90 Days

From Start to Finish

(Let’s work together from beginning to end in a seamless partnership.)

We’ll work through the whole process (outlined above) to:

  • discover your Marketing Foundation using the Alignment Grid
  • clarify and define your pipeline
  • create an Action Map
  • complete your pipeline together

You’ll have the option of a 30 Day or 90 Day Completion Partnership, based on the size of the project and the amount of time you have available to work on it.

INVESTMENT:  $1500 CAD for 30 Days / $3300 CAD for 90 Days


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