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There’s part of me that wants to believe that Steve Jobs was a fan of the paper agenda.  Can you imagine what that would do to the debate of paper planner vs smartphone?  I haven’t seen the movies but I’m guessing he probably had a personal assistant or two that looked after his calendar, but who knows.  A girl can dream right?

In this post, you’ll discover why I’m such a fan of the paper calendar.  But, I also see the value of my online scheduler too.  It’s not so much a conversation about paper planner vs smartphone, so much as an invitation to get you thinking about which option (or combination) will help you be most efficient and effective with your time.  Especially if time is tricky for you!

Let me know in the comments – are you a die hard paper fan or can you not live without your calendar app?

  • there are pro’s and con’s to both digital and paper calendars
  • what’s most important is that you choose what works for you (even if it’s both)
  • if time is tricky for you, it’s especially important to consider which option helps you be both efficient and effective in your work
  • I find that using a pencil and a paper calendar makes time more real for me and helps me be more successful
  • there’s an interesting product in development right now, called the Slice Planner (it’s designed for Visual people like me and it combines a both.)  You can have a look at it here.
  • I’m in love with the simplicity of my online scheduler, hosted by Schedulista