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a watch to represent organize your business so you can have a life again

organize your business


Ideal for:


Izzy Ideas, Patti Planner, Penny Plateau, Gretta Grinder


The Gaps:


a) You are highly creative, but creating systems and structure for yourself is a definite challenge.  Despite your obvious talent and brilliance, you don’t see consistent results in your business – which is incredibly frustrating.  You feel like you’re always scrambling and your business is in chaos.


b) You’ve got so many things on the go and you’re starting to drop the ball.  Or do things half-ass because you don’t have enough time to do everything.  The ideas to grow your business keep coming but you’re maxed out.  You know you need a team, but it’s easier to stay up late or work on the weekend and do it yourself.


c) The late nights and early mornings are starting to take a toll on you.  Caffeine doesn’t cut it any more.  You’re moving at 100 miles an hour right past your friends and family.  You wish you could press the pause button but you’re starting to think that one does not even exist.  Most things, including your self-care, seems to take a backseat to your business.


Solution:  a New Foundation


A New Foundation is my 12 month tailored-to-you program.  It’s designed to guide and support you as you prioritize, invest in yourself and your business in a different way.  The goal is to create a strong, new foundation from which you can grow, evolve and thrive in all areas of your life.