When I was a kid, my mom had an elementary school journal for me.

I found it while going through boxes of my childhood keepsakes a few years ago.

It’s big, blue, and has pockets for each grade, where we stashed report cards, treasured art, and the like.

On the front of each pocket, there’s a spot where we’d glue my school picture.

And a set of fill-in-the blank questions – like height, weight (not sure why?!) and names of my best friends.

One asked what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I have a very distinct memory of sitting down one day and filling in the answer for every single grade.

I wanted to be a teacher.

Looking back, I have no idea why I was so convinced of this fact.

I definitely loved school and I felt safe and happy there.

Maybe I wanted to be the person that gave that gift to other kids as an adult.

Who knows, really – I was pretty young after all.

Today, I can say that I still love teaching and learning.

But when I think of how I really, really love to work with people, I know it’s one to one.

It’s where I can really meet the person where they’re at and support them in the absolute best possible way to turn their ideas into real life results.

It’s also why I wouldn’t thrive as a teacher in a traditional classroom. I’d never get any teaching done!

While others may thrive on the energy of a large group, I prefer the connection a small group provides, where I can still give each person the attention I believe they deserve.


I share this as a reminder that as an entrepreneur, you get to decide HOW you work with people (or if you even do.)

We’re told how important it is for us to understand who our “ideal” client is – I say it’s time to give as much attention to the ideal way to structure your offers!

Read WHY it matters here.

In the meantime, I have a question for you:

Have you designed your services/offers in a way that reflects how you really love (or need) to work?

Leave your answer in the comments below.


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