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Photo by Luke van Zyl on Unsplash

I’ve been thinking about changing the theme of my website for awhile now. Actually, I’m super proud of myself for the restraint I’ve shown not to just go ahead and do it. I’ve had my eye on a really pretty theme and almost bought it yesterday.

Until I realized that there were no guarantees that my current website would actually translate into the new one very well. The more I read, the more I understood that, for example, I wouldn’t have an audio file option to upload my podcast interviews into. That would never do.

So I scratched that idea. But while I was researching it, I watched a short tutorial on how to use clip art to spiff up your website. I love Creative Market, and went to bed dreaming of what graphics I could find and add.

I woke up this morning, excited to find the graphics and update my website.

You see, I wanted something that would bring out my softer side. Awhile back, I received some feedback that my online personality did not match my real personality (that’s a sign that my visibility strategy needs some TLC!!)

After about 15 minutes (tops) of looking for clip art, I found the perfect set, and got to work.

I Was Embarrassed

By noon, I was very happy with my progress (it went so well and so fast) and checked in with a friend to see if I was on track (my kids were getting a bit tired of me asking, “does this look like me?”)

As we were chatting, I had an awareness that I was suddenly really proud of my website, and would be over the moon to send people to it. Which came with another awareness that I had actually been embarrassed by the state of my website before now, and was cringing at the thought of anyone seeing it. Oy!

It’s kind of like when your house is a complete disaster and you just hope and pray that no one drops in for a visit.  You don’t want anyone to see the state of it all.  And when they do stop by, you can’t stop apologizing or really concentrate on visiting, because your mind is so pre-occupied with what they must think of you!

My embarrassment about my website was actually holding me back from being visible, even though I didn’t realize it.

When Someone Tells You’re Different in Person

When someone tells you you’re different in person than in your marketing materials, it’s a really big hint that there’s a misalignment in your visibility strategy.  There are a few other signs as well, which you can read about here.

In this Master Class, I share 5 of the common misalignments that can lead to a visibility burnout.  Sign up to watch using the button below.

What about you?

I’m curious to know what kinds of things have held you back from showing up?

Is there anything you’re kind of embarrassed about right now that’s keeping you from being more visible?  Let me know what it is and maybe I can help.  mary@marymstrachan.com