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Here’s the first in a series of notes on simplicity – inspired by my recent decision to simplify my business, and in honour of summer, a season of simple pleasures!

On Saturday, I bought a navy blue and white striped skirt, and I started to think about the ways I use colour to simplify my life.  I was a bit surprised – here are 4 of my favourite ways:

Choose Core Colours To Wear

I wear a lot of blue and white in the summer.  It’s super simple to put an outfit together and to shop – I seem to gravitate to these colours ​(like the skirt)​ so this happened rather naturally!  I love that I barely need to think about what goes with what.  And, I’ve found that I need less clothes because I can mix and match them so easily.

Buy Multiple Colours of the Same Item

This has made my life super easy when it comes to shopping for clothes for my kids, especially my son, but my daughter too.  Once they like the feel or fit of something, I buy more of the same thing, in different colours, and often on-line.  How does it get any simpler than that?

Organize Your Closet By Colour

I like to sort my clothes by colour and hang them from lightest to darkest.  Within each colour, I order the clothes as following: sleeveless, t-shirt, long sleeve, sweatshirt, sweater.  I find it’s so much easier and faster to find what I’m looking for when I organize my clothes this way!

Use Colours in Your Calendar App**

I use a colour code with my calendar app.  I use blue for all things personal.  Red means time to rest, play, or eat (in other words, STOP and take care of myself!) Purple is content creation, and so on.  The colours make it easy for me to quickly see what’s lies ahead in my day.

Here’s what else I love about using colours in my calendar:  in weekly view, it’s super simple for me to see what’s missing from my schedule (ie. Creative Time, Learning Time, Sales Conversations, Connection Calls, etc.) But once I know it’s missing, I can take steps to add it in.

I can also easily see if any types of activity seem out of proportion compared to others (ie. Client Time vs. Creating/Nurturing New Client Leads. Work Time vs. Play Time.)​  If so, I can always adjust.

This colourful time allotment strategy is so simple that I don’t want you to underestimate the difference it can make, and how it can help guide your actions to stay on track with all aspects of your life.​ If you have questions about how your calendar could better support you, send them my way.

You can also share your colour tips with me in the comments.

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