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This spring, when I was walking our dog around the neighbourhood, I noticed something…

I’d been paying attention to the spring flowers and was marvelling at how green everything is (we’ve had a lot of rain here.)

But then I came upon a tree that didn’t have its leaves yet!  Almost all the trees on our street had them except this kind (for the record, I have no idea what it’s called)

And when I looked at it, I thought to myself – must be a “late bloomer.”

At least for about a minute.

Because really – who am I to say that it’s a late bloomer?

Let’s face it.  I only thought it was late because I was COMPARING it to the other trees that had their leaves already.  These trees are simply on a different schedule than the others, and their leaves will come out perfectly on time.

How often do you compare where you are in your business right now to where others are in theirs?

Do you ever find yourself wishing you were farther ahead than you actually are?

Do you wish that you could create/learn/fill-in-the-blank faster?

It’s easy to do.

But keep in mind that there will always be those ahead of you (and more still behind you.)

And what if it didn’t matter?

And can I just tell you that as soon as I said that, it felt light and I felt space open up around me?

So I’ll ask it again.  What if it didn’t matter?

What if it’s entirely possible that you are perfectly on time in your business?

What would that mean for you?