Frequently Asked Questions

What is strategic business coaching? 

What does a business coach or business strategist do?

Strategic business coaching is designed to help business owners and executives solve critical problems to their organization. 

As a business coach, my job is to be your guide, starting with listening to better understand the business problems you’re facing and the goals you’re striving for. Then I’ll put on my business strategist hat, looking at all of the problems and goals to identify which we should focus on (the ones that will give you the best bang for your buck, so to speak). I’ll help you develop a plan to reach those goals and help you implement the plan. I’ll continue to advise you as you implement the plan, as all coaches do, helping you solve any new problems you may encounter along the way.

What happens on a Clarity Call?

A Clarity Call is essentially a conversation where you get to share information about your business and what challenges you’re facing with me. I’ll offer some initial feedback and point you in the right direction as to how I might help. If we’re a good fit, I’ll tell you the next steps for working together. If not, I will refer you to another resource. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me questions about coaching, myself, and anything else you’re curious about.

What is business coaching like?

Business coaching is a bit like therapy for your business, except it’s focused on the future instead of the past. We’ll work together to better understand what goals you want to achieve or problems you want to overcome and dig deep to learn what’s standing in your way. Then we’ll develop a plan to solve those problems, complete with action items and deadlines. We’ll check in along the way, and continue to work through any new problems that may come up. 

Logistically, business coaching is done virtually via video call (or audio-only, if you prefer). Most calls are an hour, but some are longer. You’ll be the one doing most of the talking on calls, especially as I get to know you. I’ll normally be asking you questions, taking notes and creating diagrams that will help enable your success. When it comes time to brainstorm ideas, we’ll both contribute. 

What is the Alignment Grid™?

The Alignment Grid™ is a tool created by Beth A. Grant to help you understand your personality — specifically your innate problem-solving and influencing styles. You use the grid to better understand your Square(s), where your problem-solving and influencing styles meet. 

I’m one of a handful of people certified to use the Alignment Grid™.  I use it to help my clients understand how they work best, and we integrate that knowledge into our work together. It’ll make you feel more confident and at-ease with your decision-making. 

Want to try it for free? Download your copy of the Alignment Grid here.

Who do you work with?

I specialize in working with female purpose-driven entrepreneurs — women who run businesses that make the world a better place. If that doesn’t sound like you, no worries; while this is my specialty, those aren’t the only people I work with. Let’s chat briefly so I can better understand you and your business. From there, I can either refer you to another business coach who would be a better fit for your business or if we’re a good fit, I can discuss next steps with you. 

I am based near Toronto, Canada, but work with entrepreneurs across the globe. 

What is a purpose-driven entrepreneur?

I define a purpose-driven entrepreneur as someone who has a strong desire to do meaningful work while making a difference in the world through their business. That might mean you started a nonprofit, or it might mean your for-profit business is deeply dedicated to a certain mission that gives back to the world. Not sure if your business falls in the “purpose-driven” category? Let’s chat more.

How much does coaching cost?

I offer three versions of my Foundations coaching program: one for individuals, one for small groups (offered twice per year) and a retreat experience for individuals. Each is priced differently, and all of the prices are listed here on my website in Canadian dollars.  Explore each page to learn more about the program you’re interested in.

What if I can’t afford coaching?

I recognize that coaching can be a significant investment for many entrepreneurs. I list the prices for my programs on my website so that you can budget for the program if one interests you.

If you don’t have the capital available just yet, you can take my free self-assessment to see what’s stopping you from reaching your Full Impact Potential.

Can I work with a coach if I’m not an entrepreneur?

Absolutely!  Let’s chat more to make sure working together is the right fit for your needs. If it turns out we’re not a good match, I’ll refer you to a colleague who is.

What is your background?

I began my own coaching business in 2014 after graduating from an ICF certified coaching program.  I’m the only person in Canada certified to use the Alignment Grid™ in their business.  I also have a bachelor’s degree in family and social relations, and a master’s degree in public health education and promotion.

Have more questions?

I have more answers!  Reach out and ask away, my friend.