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even if you’re not a pop star

Last week I wrote about Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ collaboration on the song Finesse, which took 3 months to move from #35 to #3 on the Billboard Top 100.

I contrasted that fact to a common pattern I see in entrepreneurs where they create something, release it, scramble to sell it, and then, when they don’t get the results they want the first time, they scrap it and start all over again! For now, I’m calling it the Re-Creation Cycle (willing to consider your creative ideas.)

When I asked my community if they could relate,  the answer was YES!  If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here.


After I wrote that note to you, I had a nagging feeling I was missing something.

It was THIS question:

How did the song manage to DEBUT at #35 in the first place???

Because I don’t know about you, but that seems really good to me!

Of course, Bruno Mars already has an established fan base.

But I did a little more research and here’s what I found out:

  • Finesse is ONE song on his 24k Magic album (so people who’d bought that would have already heard it)
  • the Cardi B version of Finesse is NOT on the album (so he collaborated with her afterward to leverage her celebrity status and bring new attention to the song)
  • he previewed the song (and the album) 24k Magic in October 2016 (so he’d actually been promoting for over a year)


It seems like debuting at #35 is anything but scrambling to sell.

It looks like the song already had some traction when they released the remix.

He stayed focused on one album for a relatively long time. (I wonder if he ever got bored?)


Now I know you’re not a pop star (unless you are, because then that would be awesome!) so you might be all like, but Mary, how does this apply to me?

Here’s what I’ve taken away from this part of the story:

  • “pre-market” your offering while you create it – how can you engage your people during the creation process?
  • collaboration can be a win-win when done well – who would you like to collaborate with?
  • make marketing a priority – if you don’t like to do it, how can you make sure it still gets done?
  • focus on a small, core set of offerings/products that you love to share – what are yours?

How about you?  I’d love to hear your takeaways!  Leave them in the Comments below or send them to mary@marymstrachan.com and I’ll reply.  You can click here to read Part III in this series or use the Next button below to navigate to it.

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