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I know I’ve been talking a lot about celebrities lately, so I want to take a minute and give a shout out to some brilliant (and real life) entrepreneurs:

Angie Millgate.  Barbara Ptak.  Beth Grant.  Darshana Hawks.  Lauren Fritsch.  Jean Berry. Linda de Jong-Potgiesser. Penney Fox.  Shannon Hernandez.  Sheila Sims.

Thank you for your contribution.  You’ve each in your own way helped me evolve my ideas and thinking on the Re-Creation Cycle!


Have you taken the Re-Creation Cycle Mini-Assessment yet? (no opt-in necessary)

I did!  And I’ve already taken steps to boost my middle to low scores.

Here’s one of the things that I discovered can make it easier for me to fall into the pattern of perpetual creation.

While I’m so much more comfortable looking ahead and planning for 12 months at a time, it’s tricky for me to anticipate beyond that and into the longer-term.

When we have that longer-term vision for our life and our business, it serves as a filter as we make choices and decisions now. It helps us stay focused and on track because we can see how the choice relates to our long-term goals.

(BTW, I polled entrepreneurs at a workshop I taught last week, and most reported that they are not planning much beyond the day to day in their business…if this is you, please reach out to me – I can help you expand your time frame!)

And, on the plus side, here’s something that works to my benefit:

I’ve faithfully sent out a weekly newsletter for 11 months now! (This is totally related to question #10)

either way I’m cheering you on!

What about you? What did you discover? 

Remember to send me your results/AHA’s/insights.  I’m here to offer you a tip or ask a powerful question where your scores need strengthening.

I’m also happy to send you a virtual High 5 to celebrate your brilliance if you’re scoring lots of 8+’s!!

Either way, I’m cheering you on – I want your big ideas and that amazing vision of yours to become a reality!

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