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Last week I shared a story about living in my own personal version of chaos shortly after my daughter was born (if you missed it, you can read it here.)

Now let’s talk about chaos as it can relate to you as an entrepreneur.

I once had a boss who said she loved chaos. She sat me down one day and told me that she believed chaos inspired creativity and all kinds of other “good stuff.”

I’ll be honest. I had a hard time with this idea. You know why? Because all the signs of chaos that I saw? They screamed trouble!

Here’s what I witnessed:

  • stressed-out, frustrated, and disempowered employees
  • missed deadlines, late deliveries, and a whole lot time wasted in crisis management
  • unresolved issues that repeated week after week
  • lost (literally and figuratively) money

Just like in your business, there were a lot of moving parts to manage.

There was LOTS going on every day.

We had important work to do.

But at that moment in time, as far as I could tell, chaos caused a lot more problems than it inspired creativity.

So – I began my work.

I put systems in place to help things run more smoothly and efficiently.

Employees started completing tasks at the appropriate times thanks to the detailed weekly and daily work plans we made.

We significantly reduced the number of weekly crises through carefully designed checks and balances.

And when things ran more smoothly, it was a lot of fun for everyone to be at work (even my boss agreed.)

How about you?

Are you having fun in your business right now or do you feel like things are a bit (or a lot) out of control?

Use this Chaos Assessment Tool to discover the amount of chaos you’ve got going on in your business.  You can find it here.  Go ahead and take a look!

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