get your priorities straight

If you’d asked me 8 years ago if I thought it would be possible for our daughter to be comfortable in water, the answer probably would have been no.  At best, was for her to be able to swim to save herself if she ever found herself in that kind of a situation. But to love the water? It seemed like a stretch.

You see, she hated swimming lessons. Well, to be fair, she hated them without her dad there for support. But she’d outgrown Parent and Tot classes and the time had come for her to go in the pool on her own.

I didn’t realize it would be a problem until the first day of summer swimming lessons. We’d just moved here and yes, the pool was new to her, but it was perfect in my mind.  It had a fantastic shallow pool just for the little kids (it even had a duck slide – who doesn’t love a duck slide?) Well, I can tell you exactly who didn’t. My little one did not want anything to do with the pool, the slide, or her instructor. She would not go in.


Determined that she would at least learn to swim, I continued to sign her up for lessons, learning more and more about her every time. I signed her up for a private lesson and she had a girl instructor who really clicked with her.  And guess what? Not only did she go to the lessons with no issue, but she went on the slide, and passed that level!  The power of a plan! We weren’t so lucky the next time. She had a boy instructor and freaked out. But I knew she was way more comfortable without her dad than she was when she started. With a few more private lessons mixed in with group ones, some great instructors (both boys and girls) and some help from her big brother to conquer the deep end, we now joke that she’s like a fish, free to swim and play as she wishes. She’s come such a long way!  Kudos in the power of a plan!


She’s also proof that anything is possible when you take it step by step, stay focused, and acknowledge what works for you (and what doesn’t.) And, that right there is the beauty and power of a plan. Tell me.  Is there something in your business (or in your life) that seems out of reach for you right now? Maybe it feels too big or too complicated, and you don’t know where to start? Or maybe it’s something you keep putting off and putting off, but by golly, it’s time to do it! No matter what that “thing” is (in fact, let’s call it a project.) No matter what project it is, whether it’s personal or professional, you’re going to need a plan. And here’s why: You’ll feel so much better once you have one in place – that big thing will suddenly feel doable. It will serve as your compass, so you stay on track (darn those bright, shiny objects.)  And, a plan will keep you moving forward, closer and closer until you’ve created you want to create.


Because I believe in the power of a plan, I’m so excited to share this opportunity with you.  It’s an invitation to create your own personalized Action Map for a project of your choice**.

I have 5 spaces available for a two day virtual Action Map Immersion, happening on:

Tuesday, July 10 and Wednesday, July 11

12-3 pm EST each day

Investment $750 US


At the end of the two days, you’ll have:

  • a tailored project plan, laid out and broken down into smaller steps, so you don’t get overwhelmed along the way
  • identified what might get in your way as you take action, so you won’t be surprised when they show up
  • discovered your unique motivation for your project, which will dramatically increase project completion

I wonder what would be possible for you if you were to spend two half days with me creating a plan for your project**?

Want to find out? 

The first step is to simply schedule a Clarity Call with me

If you have questions you’d like me to answer first, give me a call 647-224-5983 or reply to this email.

Until next week – happy creating!



** I’m expanding beyond business projects, so it really can be anything!