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get your priorities straight

Photo by Rachel Pfuetzner on Unsplash

This weekend I started exercising again! (Read this if you don’t know what happened with my ankle.)

My physiotherapist cleared me to start back to Nia over a month ago. But I hadn’t gone to one class.

I had a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t – and at the top – I was afraid to exercise in my bare feet even though she was confident I could!

She also cleared me to start walking more – and by more, I mean that I could go farther and faster than I do just walking the dog. I didn’t start that either.

But all that changed this weekend.

I reached out to my amazing Nia instructor, and told her I could come back, and asked her which class would be best (it’s still Sunday mornings at 10:30!)

I asked a long-time friend who’s just taken up running for advice on how to start.

The answer, simply put: “just do it.” Which I took more as a message to not overthink it.

So, I woke up Saturday morning and instead of showering first, I pulled on some exercise clothes, walked the dog around the neighbourhood, brought him home, went back out and walked again – farther and faster.

As I walked, I thought of another big reason I’d put it off: I’d need to change my weekday morning routine and my Sunday morning routine too. It felt like so much change!

I walked up the hill and across to the park and did my lap around.

And that’s where I realized what was really holding me back from starting to exercise again.

I REALLY didn’t want to start exercising again because I didn’t want to experience how out of shape I’d become.

I knew my body would tell me the truth, and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like it.

Yes, I was scared to hurt myself again, and sure, changing my routine would temporarily throw me off kilter for a little bit.

But deep down, I didn’t want to face the reality of my fitness level.



Today, I’m asking YOU if you’re willing to take a quick peek at your reality when it comes to unfinished business.

I’m asking if you have:

✔️ Offers, events, programs, opt-ins, products, books, etc. you’ve started to create or have created but not sold yet

✔️ Plans you’ve made but not implemented yet

✔️ Courses, programs, challenges, coaching you’ve purchased but not finished yet

✔️ Website domain names you’ve purchased with the intention of using but haven’t yet

✔️ Debt (or “past expenditures” you haven’t paid for yet)

✔️ Any items on your to-do list not checked off yet (includes what you’re holding in your mind)

✔️ Ideas, nudges, awarenesses, guidance you’ve received but haven’t acted on yet

If you do, I’d like to invite you to muster up the courage and take a deeper look at exactly what you’ve got on your plate right now.

Because like me and my fitness level, you won’t know the reality of your situation until you face it.



Join me for a live, virtual workshop:

Declutter Your Business: Create Space to Finish What You Start

Wednesday, June 6th

12-2 pm EST

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