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Do you have unfinished business?

If you have:

  • offers, events, programs, opt-ins, products, books, etc. you’ve started to create or have created but not marketed or sold
  • plans you’ve made but not implemented
  • courses, programs, challenges, coaching you’ve purchased but not finished
  • website domain names you’ve purchased with the intention of using but haven’t
  • debt (or past expenditures you haven’t paid for yet)
  • any items on your to-do list not checked off (includes what you’re holding in your mind)
  • ideas, nudges, awarenesses, guidance you’ve received but haven’t acted on

then you have unfinished business!

It doesn’t feel so great to be in this position, because all of these “things” are left undone – it’s like they’re hanging over you.  You might feel an obligation to do them, even if you don’t want to do them anymore.

However, When you clear up your unfinished business,

  • you have less clutter in your environment, mind, and digital space
  • you’ll be less stressed and won’t feel so overwhelmed
  • it builds up your confidence and you’re free to move on to what brings you joy
  • you’ll be better able to make the impact you want in the world
  • your ability to create the kind of results you want in your business increases

And that sounds pretty darn good to me?  How about you?

Would you like to declutter your business & Create space to finish what you start?

It’s been my experience that the first step to finishing what you start is to declutter what’s already on your plate, including all your unfinished business.

It’s a little like taking all your clothes, shoes and accessories out of an overstuffed closet and CHOOSING what you’ll put back in.

Does it fit me anymore?

Do I even like it?

Is it easy to co-ordinate with my other pieces?

Is the style outdated?

We’ll use a similar process in this workshop, with the aim to streamline what you’ll choose to finish.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll walk away with

  • a tailored-to-you, robust filter that you can use to discern what ideas you act on (and equally as important, what one you won’t) moving forward
  • a lighter, more focused version of your to-do list
  • renewed energy to tackle the projects that light you up, advance your cause and create results in your biz
  • a deeper appreciation of what it means to finish what you start

Registration includes a follow-up call with me

In this 30 minute call, to be scheduled in the month of June, you can ask me questions and share how you’re doing.  It’s a built-in accountability check – to make sure you’re on track getting things done!

who will benefit from attending?

Join me in this workshop if you are a Visionary, ChangeMaker, Trailblazer, or Mission-Driven entrepreneur faced with:

  • an over-flowing to-do list
  • several unfinished projects on the go
  • many competing priorities
  • lots of ideas and future plans

as well as the desire to simplify your business in order to advance your cause.

It’s not a good idea for you to register if:

  • you’re not prepared to take a look at your unfinished business
  • you like to be able to tell others you’re “so busy”
  • you’re unable to tell me where you’re heading in your business

declutter your business

create space to finish what you start

a live, virtual workshop

Wednesday, June 6th

12-2 pm EST/11-1 CST/10-12 MST/9-11 PST


Investment:  $250

It’s a Live workshop

While you will receive a link to the recording of the workshop, attending live will ensure that you have your questions answered.


If you have a question or you’re not sure if this workshop is a good fit for you, please reach out to me:  mary@marymstrachan.com

A bit about me

I’m Mary Strachan, also known as the Get-It-Done Facilitator.  I’m a Project Manager for entrepreneurs.  I help them find more efficient and effective ways to create consistent results in their business.

I love to:

  • break big ideas and visions down into actionable steps
  • create simple and practical foundations that support the WHOLE person
  • tailor solutions to the unique needs of the individual