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The idea behind b is for brilliant

I created B is for Brilliant as a way to showcase Visionaries and Change Makers through engaging conversations.  It’s also a venue to discuss how people take focused, purposeful and aligned action, without feeling the need to compromise.

Podcast length

40-50 minutes

What I need from you before we record the podcast

  • A picture (jpeg)
  • Short bio
  • Link to Website
  • Link to preferred Facebook page

Podcast audience

At this point, here’s where B is for Brilliant appears:

  • On my FB biz page, which I share to my personal page
  • In my FB group, The Nest
  • Via my Monday Edition newsletter
  • As an individual post in my blog
  • As a This Week’s Brilliance feature on my Podcast page on my website
  • On iTunes

Collaboration ask

Please consider how you will share your guest appearance on B is for Brilliant with your community.


  • Social Media
  • Email list (if you are an entrepreneur)
  • Have another idea?  Feel free to run it by me mary@marymstrachan.com

Helpful Links

Listen to previous interviews here,


Feel free to contact me mary@marymstrachan.com

Be a Guest!

If you’d like to be a guest on B is for Brilliant, please fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch.