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When our daughter was a baby, she had a significant case of infant reflux. I’ll spare you the details, but basically, she wouldn’t nurse and even bottle feeding was a huge production!

At 3 months old, she was on two medications and drank a special “weighted” formula. We continued night time feedings long after most babies were allowed to sleep through the night.

Eating – something so straightforward for most babies – was a huge challenge for her. Let me tell you: tensions were high and my emotions were all over the place.

I was sleep deprived and worried.

If this wasn’t enough, she was a very temperamental eater! If distracted while drinking her bottle, she’d actually just stop! It didn’t matter if she’d drank 2 oz or 6 oz – that was it.

No. More. Bottle.

It was very, very frustrating. I worked hard to create a quiet and distraction-free environment during feeding times. That wasn’t easy with a very busy 3 year old boy in the house!

Or a puppy.

Yes, we also had a puppy.

get your priorities straight

And any time he’d come into the room with his collar tags jingle-jangling, she’s sit up and stop eating.

There were times when I wanted to throw that bottle across the room!

Months later, when things had calmed down a little, I told my sister about the dog-tags-interrupting-the-feeding situation.

And you know what she asked me?

Why didn’t I just take his collar off when he was in the house?

(Mind blown)


Why didn’t I just take his collar off while he was in the house?

The truth?

I was living my own personal version of chaos!

And I was too close to the situation to see that anything else was possible.

I was too emotionally involved to think straight.

So invested in making sure she gained weight.

And too exhausted and stressed out to find a creative solution.

I needed someone who was outside the situation to see what I couldn’t – someone removed from the intensity of it all, who could reflect the possibilities back to me.

Because to have that fresh perspective can make all the difference in the world! It can get you unstuck and excited to move forward again. And it is such a relief!

what would be possible?

What would be possible if you had access to a sounding board and your own personal cheerleader?   How would your business be different if you were able to breakthrough where you were stuck?  What would that be like for you?


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