As a Magic + Awareness Catalyst and #vanlife dweller, Zarah Darling has crossed the lower United States camping, exploring nature, and holding client sessions in the middle of nowhere, under big trees or atop huge cliffs. True to her Izzy Idea ways, she has about 3+ businesses happening at any given time, with many more in the wings. The current 3 include a one-of-a-kind handmade mala necklace and beaded earrings operation; a hands-on energy modality for those looking to clear out the gunk on the hard drives of their brains; and Magic Activation phone sessions where she facilitates allowance, choice, and ease for her clients. Oh yeah, and a podcast.  She works outside, in parks and beaches, and runs 98% of her business from her iPhone. Catch her at and look for a free offer of a sample session when signing up for her Morning Mantra Mixtape!

Zarah Darling

Zarah Darling

Magic + Awareness Catalyst

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Zarah Darling on #vanlife and the joy of being an Izzy Ideas

B is for Brilliant

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a word or two about izzy ideas

Izzy Ideas is the ultimate Visionary.  She sees possibilities everywhere!  And, she loves to create for the sake of creating which is a true gift.  Things can get tricky, though, when an entrepreneur tries to implement every idea.  Or tries to turn every idea into a business, product or service.

I encourage my Izzy Ideas clients to keep a journal (or file on their chosen devices if they’re more technically inclined) to record all of their ideas.  That way they don’t have to take up space in their minds.  I also suggest that they ask:  is this idea for me?  That way they know if it’s something they can let go, again creating more space to take action.

It’s really important to understand that having lots of ideas is not wrong.  We need ideas all through the Idea Transformation Process!  See what magic happens when you partner Izzy Ideas with the strength of Gretta Grinder!

And remember that when you finish one idea, you get to start another (thanks Zarah for this post-podcast conversation:)

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