Inspired by the many challenges she encountered in her 16 years as a teacher, Sheila Sims founded “All of Me Counts” to help kids become the greatest version of themselves and to guide parents and teachers on how to get them there. As a teacher in the Public School System, she noticed that student challenges were often being addressed on a surface level and in a very compartmentalized way, with more focus on short term fixes rather than long term wellbeing and success.

Sheila believes that in order to make a significant and lasting impact, we must first gain insight into the child’s beliefs about themselves and uncover how their theory of the world is affecting their experience. With this deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the child’s inner world, she is then able to create individualized plans and offer support that addresses challenges at the root and helps children to be their best from the inside out.

Sheila Sims

Sheila Sims

All of Me Counts

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Parenting and Teaching: Beyond Surface Solutions FB Group



– parenting for the “long term”

– limited beliefs and why it’s important to uncover them

– what can happen when we see our kids’ world through our eyes instead of theirs

– how Sheila creates individual plans in collaboration with families and why she’s decided to do the same in her business

– the perils of Izzy Ideas and Paula Perfection


Participate in Sheila’s Focus Group

If you want to be a part of the focus group Sheila mentioned in our conversation or are interested in learning more you can email her at sheila@allofmecounts.comand indicate that you are interested in being a part of the “All of Me Counts” focus group and she will provide more detail from there. You can also connect with Sheila by joining her Facebook group “Teaching and Parenting: Beyond Surface Solutions” or by visiting her website at There is a limit to the number of people that can participate in this focus group, so she will take people on a first come first serve basis as long as they are a good fit.

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