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Maybe you know someone that’s a LEADER.

Is that person a man or a woman?  How old are they?   How much experience do they have?  How did they get to be a Leader (did they work their way up the corporate ladder?)

Do you consider yourself a LEADER?

“Who me?” you might ask.

Yes, you!

Because guess what?  In Priscilla Stephan’s world of SOUL LEADERSHIP, being a leader takes on a whole new meaning.  Seems like there’s a whole lot of potential here!

So in this episode of B is for Brilliant, Priscilla joins me to talk about the work she’s doing in Soul Leadership.  While the traditional definition of leadership is somewhat limiting, Soul Leadership focuses more on CONTRIBUTION.  As a result, it becomes more inviting and inspiring to be a leader.  And, when we lead from our soul and contribute our superpowers to the world, we challenge all the beliefs of WHO can be a leader.  Thus you are a leader, even if you didn’t realize it (yet.)  Imagine the possibilities!


First of all, we talk about the importance of motivation, or what drives that engine that gets us up every day.  And as an entrepreneur, it’s incredibly helpful to know what motivates you.  You’ll hear that the Lead from the Soul Archetypes each have different motivators.

Since we cover a lot of information, here’s a summary of the 5 archetypes and their motivators:

  1. Mystic (motivation:  transformation)
  2. Visionary (motivation:  innovation and changing status quo)
  3. Strategist (motivation:  innovation through reason and structure)
  4. Explorer (motivation: possibility)
  5. Feminine Divine (motivation: love, connection, community)

Each of the archetypes have superpowers, strengths, and challenges, which we cover as we talk about each one.  The best way to discover yours is to listen to Priscilla’s audio assessment.

Then, we explore the words “to serve” (which feels heavy to both of us) and “to contribute” (which opens up a whole lot of choice and the idea of reciprocity.)

As you’ll hear, I love the idea that everyone who contributes to the world is a leader.  Since we are all naturally designed to lead, and we can choose to use our superpower to contribute, it’s simply a decision we make.

And finally, Priscilla encourages us to OWN our superpowers – and instead of spending energy to negate them, she wants us embrace those strengths and share them with the world!  Think of it as an experiment!  And see what unfolds!

Priscilla Stephan

Priscilla Stephan

Lead From Your Soul

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Leading From Your Soul Archetype:  How It Helps You Build Your Business and Legacy


Keep reading below to see why Priscilla is Brilliant and learn how she works WITH her Visionary Alter-Ego Patti Planner in her business.

Priscilla is Brilliant because she:

  • embraces her Mystic gift of intuition and allows herself to trust it to guide her business and life
  • helps women entrepreneurs create a lifestyle that supports their business (and not the other way around)
  • channelled the content for the Lead from the Soul Archetypes
  • created her Lead from the Soul Archetypes Assessment as a guided experience rather than a traditional quiz
  • is committed to re-framing Leadership as Soul Leadership which is focused on contribution (therefore we are all natural leaders)

Most of all, I appreciate Priscilla’s invitation to “not wait” to contribute to the world, and her guidance to look at it as more than just giving money.  Go out and volunteer your time.  Another way to contribute is to ask yourself, “how can I go beyond?”

Finally, my favourite question she asks is “how can we flip leadership on it’s head?”

Visionary Alter-Ego:  Patti Planner

Priscilla’s Visionary Alter-Ego is Patti Planner.  While it mostly shows up in her work as “bullet points,” it’s mostly because she likes to be prepared.  She prefers NOT to be taken by surprise.  Patti Planner can slow her down, because she is very thorough and likes to think things through.  However, she embraces the value in breaking things down into steps and her ability to see how all the pieces go together.

Maybe Priscilla could “wing things a bit more” but she’s become much more comfortable with coming across as less “planned.”  While she does like to be prepared, she’s happy to do a FB Live in a more spontaneous way (like she doesn’t feel like she HAS to do her makeup first.)

When I asked her if the “thrill is in the planning,” she replied that she finds a lot of comfort and safety in it.  Because to think it through and know that she hasn’t forgotten anything means she can relax into the task.

I also like that she used the word “thoughtfulness” to describe the care she puts into her work.  She says she would never “slap something together.”  And it’s true.  I know the amount of care Priscilla puts into her work – it absolutely shows.  While she does keep an eye out for perfectionism, she says that it brings her a lot of joy to deliver carefully-crafted and beautiful material.  Because after all, she wants to be taken seriously and ensure that the quality is there!

Discover a pattern.  Unlock a gift.  Take the Visionary Alter-Ego Quiz.