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Remember the TV show, Ally McBeal?  Where a specific song would play when certain characters appeared?  (If you haven’t seen it, have a look, because it is a funny, quirky show.)

Well, here’s the thing.  Whenever I think about M Shannon Hernandez, I hear the song “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys.  Seriously.  It’s playing in my head right now.

I’ve been “following” Shannon for almost a year now – and I can tell you she is on fire in her life and in her business.  I’m proud to know her, and as you’ll hear me say in our conversation, she is a shining example of what it means to implement.  Even more impressive to me?  The very strategic way she runs her business (after all she is a Content Strategist.)

In this episode of B is for Brilliant, Shannon joins me to talk about her passion for Content and Content Strategy.  She challenges the status quo definition of content – it’s way more than your blog post people!  We talk about why she believes creating content should be joyful, and how story-telling is such a cool way to marketing yourself and your business.  And we throw in a discussion about schedules and days off too.  Because Shannon is really clear about the kind of lifestyle she wants and has designed her business to support it!

I’ll warn you – Spicy Shannon is in the house today!  Enjoy!


  • when you know your Content Personality,™ the drama and trauma of creating content gets replaced with joy and ease
  • it doesn’t matter if you have an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, content is everywhere in your business – it’s not just what you write in your blog!
  • there’s a clear connection between Shannon’s success and the strategy that’s behind her choices and actions
  • storytelling is an effective and entertaining way to market your business – its fun to receive in your inbox and allows people to get to know you better
  • does your business contribute to your lifestyle or does it prevent you from living the kind of life you want?
M Shannon Hernandez

M Shannon Hernandez

Content Strategist

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Content Personality + Storytelling = Marketing with Joy and Ease

B is for Brilliant

Keep reading below to see why Shannon is Brilliant and learn more about her experience with the Visionary Alter-Egos.

Shannon is Brilliant because she:

  • embraces her love of all things content and has become a thought-leader in her industry
  • wants people to be on fire for their life first so you can do the things and have the relationships you want
  • knows what she stands for in her life and in her business and values relationships and conversations (she’s a “hands-on brand”)
  • recognized the need and took action to create the Content Personality™ Quiz so entrepreneurs could have a better experience with content
  • is so very strategic in what she does!

Most of all, I appreciate Shannon’s passion, her commitment to her “peeps” and the energy she brings to the world.

Visionary Alter-Ego:  Gretta Grinder/Penny Plateau/Smokin’ Shannon

When Shannon first started out in business, she made hand-made stationary.  Back then, her Visionary Alter-Ego was Gretta Grinder. She worked HARD.  And made $14.  It’s no wonder she’s made different choices this time round (it’s also how she discovered the power of content.)  When she took the beta version of the quiz for me, Penny Plateau showed up.  That’s because she was at a certain “level” in her business and needed to create some change to get beyond it.

But when she took the quiz before we recorded this interview, she messaged me to say that the answers didn’t really apply to her anymore.  And while I did freak out a tiny bit, I also understood that Shannon leverages the power of her Alter-Egos.  She works hard to implement and she takes lots of time off to recharge and enjoy life.  She’s put the systems and support in place so that her already thriving business can grow even more (so that’s why you’ll hear us laugh that I could add one called Smokin’ Shannon.)  Shannon is an amazing example of how to make Penny Plateau and Gretta Grinder work for you instead of against you!

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