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Angels, Peacocks and Butterflies, oh my!

Okay, so I know that’s not the most original opening line, but I’m going to leave the creativity up to Jean Berry.  She’s created a fun and meaningful game to help soulful entrepreneurs get into the habit of taking inspired action every day.

Hearing and acting on our soul’s guidance can be tricky when we have so many “to-do’s” swirling around in our heads.  Not only is it hard to hear it, many creatives find it tricky to do the same thing every day.   That’s why Jean’s game, Angels, Peacocks, and Butterflies:  100 Days of Miracles is so brilliant.

I played the game with Jean during out interview.  Here are the cards I pulled:

Angel card:  Honesty

Butterfly card:  Product Delivery

Peacock card:  Having

From there, we created my mantra for the day, by tuning in to my intuition for the answer (not my brain):

I am Honesty in my Product Delivery, therefore I am having Connection.

Jean asked me to BE honesty and feel it in my body.  Once I felt where it was, I grew it up through my body, until I was in a bubble of Honesty.  Then, she asked me “in light of being Honesty, what is your key action for the day?”

I felt it was to share.

And according to Jean, if I were to take action and share, then it would be like opening a “miracle portal.”  And if I were to continue to repeat the process every day, life (and business) becomes a miracle.  What’s not to like about that?



  • after 100 days of playing the game, it’s much easier to listen to and trust your intuition and take action based on what you hear
  • while typical Oracle cards measure your current energy, Jean’s game is designed to assist you to choose your future by choosing your action – it becomes a co-creation
  • Jean was inspired to create the game after 9 years of studying “who heals and why?” and “who gets a miracle and why?”
  • there’s a big difference between doing something because you feel you SHOULD or HAVE TO vs. taking INSPIRED action
  • for those who are a bit more “in their head” it can be a challenge to trust their intuition because what their intuition tells them may not seem connected to the big picture
Jean Berry

Jean Berry

Intuitive Artist, Creative Entrepreneur, Spiritual Guide

Angels Peacocks and Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles Game

B is for Brilliant

Watch our interview to see the cards I chose and Jean’s beautiful peacock painting.

Keep reading below to see why Jean is Brilliant and learn more about her Visionary Alter-Ego, Izzy Ideas.

Jean is Brilliant because she:

  • helps others learn to trust their intuition
  • makes it fun to create a daily practice, even when it’s not something that comes naturally to people
  • has a “creativity formula” that includes play to access our intuition
  • recognized the power of intuition and noticed that people weren’t tapping into it enough, or trusting it and therefore weren’t making progress
  • is so creative and appreciates strategy too

Most of all, I appreciate that Jean had the idea for this game, chose to pursue it, put the support in place to make it happen, and saw it through to the production.

Visionary Alter-Ego:  Izzy Ideas

Jean’s Visionary Alter-Ego is Izzy Ideas.  She loves ideas and being creative.  She says she used to start projects here and there. But in classic Izzy Ideas form, she didn’t finish them – because more cool ideas would show up for her.  Jean also made a really important observation about Izzy Ideas.  When you are in “idea generation” mode, it keeps you safe.  Because you don’t have to take a risk when you stay there.  You can stay invisible to the world.

Jean realized that if she could find the merit behind just one idea to follow through with, found the people she needed to collaborate with, and hold her accountable, she could make it real.  But she needed to stick with it.  And now that the idea is actually a game, using it with her clients keeps it exciting for her.  She also paints intuitively, and this has been a wonderful outlet for her to express her ideas on a regular basis.

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