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How REAL is your brand?

Is what we see, what we really get?

Because I’ve given this a lot of thought recently.  And it’s why I’m so happy that Erin Salem agreed to be a guest on B is for Brilliant.

She’s one of the most real people I know, and her realness reflects in her brand and in her business.  Of course, it helps that she’s a lot of fun, and I enjoy hanging out with her online.  But what’s really interesting?  We haven’t met in person, and yet, I feel like I know her.

In this episode, Erin joins me to talk about two of her creations:  her online cooking show, Lazy Recipes Live and her Mind, Body, Peas community.  We talk about how each idea started.  We acknowledge Erin’s willingness to trust her instincts.  And we explore what it means to NOT have a “polished” brand (If you’re Erin, it could involve a shirtless boy running through your kitchen.)

Erin also reflects on what it was like to be “terrified” to start Mind, Body Peas, and why she recorded her first video in her closet.  It’s true – I witnessed it.

What you see is what you get with Erin – there’s no pretence here.  Have a listen.


lazy recipes live

Erin’s cooked for herself since she was 16.  So she was really surprised to hear her friends in the fitness industry commented that they couldn’t believe she cooks dinner for her family every night.  That’s when she realized that what comes easily to her, doesn’t necessarily come so easily for others.  So she started doing FB Lives as she cooked to show that she wasn’t making gourmet meals every night.  And to demonstrate that even if your days are busy, you can make healthy, delicious, quick suppers.

And Lazy Recipes Live was born.

If you tune in to Lazy Recipes Live (on Erin’s personal Facebook page) there’s no doubt it’s live.  While Erin preps for it, it’s not scripted.  Which means her son sometimes pops in to show her his latest drawing.  Or the dogs could bark.  And the cable guy is hard at work in the next room.  You know what amazes me every time?  None of this fazes Erin.  Because this is her life.

Erin’s been in and around the branding industry for 4 years now as a “Facilitator of Joy” (her term for VA.)  She’s happy to see a shift in branding from the “polished look” to a more natural and “comfortable in your own skin” kind of approach.  Because when we share our struggles, as well as the good in our lives, we give people the chance to say, “I thought it was just me…”  And, we become relatable.  It opens up room for us to make a connection with others at a real, sincere level.

mind, body, peas

While Erin created Lazy Recipes Live out of a need she observed others had, she went into Mind, Body, Peas Community out of a need she had.  After a Beach Body conference, Erin was inspired to share more of her personality on line.  But she got scared.  So, she decided she needed a safe, honest, respectful place where she could “test out” this idea of sharing her real self.  She wanted a safe space to share what was REALLY going on in her life – not just the censored social media version.

I’ll never forget her first video, inviting people to join her in Mind, Body, Peas.  She filmed it in her closet.  Erin announced that she was creating this community, and declared that even though she didn’t know how it would all work out, she needed it.  I was so impressed by her willingness to give it a try, to put it out there and not be attached to the outcome.

It’s important to note here that there was no “roll out” for this venture… no 3 day launch… no fuss and muss.  She created a cover photo for the FB page.  She recorded the video.  Then Erin invited some trusted people to join.  And, it evolved to what it is today.  It’s a place for Erin to check in and run things by people she know will love and support her.  But more than that, it’s become a community of people who share their life experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and know others will have their back.

Erin Salem

Erin Salem

Health/Wellness/Life Coach

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Lazy Recipes Live and the Mind, Body, Peas Community


Keep reading below to see why Erin Salem is brilliant and learn how she works WITH her Visionary Alter-Ego Patti Planner in her business and her life.

Erin is Brilliant because she:

  • saw a need in others that came naturally to her (and took action to create Lazy Recipes Live)
  • shows us that it’s SO very okay to be real – that we don’t have to hide behind a facade of perfection
  • is really clear that she is a mom and a wife first, followed closely by a multi-faceted entrepreneur
  • started Mind, Body, Peas based on her need for a safe place and the feeling that others just might need it too
  • took action even though she admits she was terrified to be “wrong”

Most of all, I appreciate Erin’s willingness to start a project and allow it to EVOLVE into what it’s naturally meant to be.

Visionary Alter-Ego:  Patti Planner

Erin’s Visionary Alter-Ego is Patti Planner.  While she enjoys the feeling when she can go with the flow, Erin says she needs to “be in a box first.”  She loves to have her life outlined, because it sets her up to be more relaxed and flexible.  And one of the ways she achieves this?  She sets her calendar on repeat.

She’s got a morning routine, which includes a 6 a.m. start (even though she’d love to sleep until 10.)  It sets her up for the rest of her day. She knows when she’ll have lunch (and that she’ll have lunch.)  And at 4:30, its time to prep for Lazy Recipes Live.

More than anything, though, she says it allows her to “be me.”  When she’s not worried, late, running behind, etc. she can let her true self out!  While some fear that a plan will restrict or limit them, Erin agrees that for her, it opens space up for her to do what she really needs to do.  And, it means she’s not in reactionary mode all the time.

It’s taken Erin some practice, because over-planning can be an issue too.  Over-planning comes with too high of expectations and the risk of disappointment when things don’t go as planned.  If anything, she has become more protective of her time.  Even though this week has been a bit over-planned, she’s still gotten enough sleep and maintained her 6 o’clock start.  And, what’s different now than before?  She’s scheduled a whole day of nothing on the weekend to recover.  Whereas before, she’d be exhausted and still have events to attend.

She quips “What no one ever tells you?  You have to plan times to be unplanned so you don’t end up being exhausted and irritable!”

Discover a pattern.  Unlock a gift.  Take the Visionary Alter-Ego Quiz.