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You may not realize it, but you have a pattern – an Eternal Pattern, actually.

It’s something that plays out in your life and in your business.

Mine is “Aesthetics.”  It means that I can see the “beauty in the beast” or the “silver lining” in a not-so-great situation.  It also means I’m often surrounded by chaos and conflict (so I have the chance to see the silver lining.)

I learned about my Eternal Pattern from Barbara Ptak.  She uses Soul Genesis™ readings to help people make sense of their world.

Listen in to hear Barbara explain the significance of your Eternal Pattern (like Organization, Structure and Aesthetics) and how it can show up in your business.

We also talk about Core Wounds.  In my mind, a Core Wound is a little like our own personal version of kryptonite.  Once we know it, we can take steps to manage it.  You’ll hear that mine is “Isolation” – which means that I am very comfortable spending time by myself.  Since it’s hard to build a business if I only spend time by myself, I need to pay attention and push myself to be with other people in real life.

At the end, you’ll hear Barbara and I discuss her Visionary Alter-Egos.  It’s interesting because Barbara has taken the quiz a couple of times.  Once her result was Patti Planner (which makes sense since her Eternal Pattern is Organization) and another time Gretta Grinder showed up.  And that’s okay!  Just like Barbara, you may notice you can relate to more than one Alter-Ego.

Alright – have a listen to Soul Genesis™:  Providing a Soul Directed Compass to Navigate Your Business with Barbara Ptak.

Barbara Ptak

Barbara Ptak

Wellness Balancing

Connect with Barbara.

Soul genesis:  providing a soul directed compass to navigate your business

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