B is for Brilliant Annie Massop

Annie Massop is a Money & Time Healer for spiritual entrepreneurs who want a fulfilling, profitable business with a super short to-do list.  She joins me to share her perspective on what’s really going on when your clients say: “I don’t have the money.”

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Annie Massop

Annie Massop

Money & Time Healer

What's Really Going On When Your Clients Say "I don't have the money."

B is for Brilliant

What’s Really Going On When Your Clients Say “I Don’t Have the Money”

Have you ever had a client tell you they don’t have the money to pay you… and then you find out that they’ve managed to go on a fantastic vacation?  Or paid for an extravagant wedding?

What the heck?

Annie has some brilliant insights about what’s really going on when this happens.

When you listen to our conversation, you’ll hear:

  • Annie’s own experience with clients who didn’t have the money to pay her
  • a beautiful meditation to help you visualize your connection with one of your “I don’t have money” clients
  • all about the three levels of connection, with beautiful imagery:  angel, flower and gemstone
  • what the “energetic dance” is like when there’s a disconnect (at each level)

Annie also comments on an observation submitted by a B is for Brilliant listener, who says, “I often hear people in a group complain about wanting work, and even offering to assist someone for free, but still not getting to work.  I pick up on that mean, angry ‘they are not working’ energy and that’s not attractive to hire.”

Have a listen to hear what Annie has to say about “grabbing” energy versus “inviting” energy.