Also known as The Phoenix, B is for Brilliant Angie K Millgate has chosen to explore every aspect of abuse on this planet by living through it as a means of getting inside the energy to decode it, heal it, and eradicate it. As an Energy Reader, Healer, and Empath with a worldwide reach, Angie is dedicated to being of service to humanity and is a vessel of Light, Love, and Healing. She provides sacred space of transformation for those who are ready to lift themselves up out of the darkness and rise anew.

I met Angie a few months ago and we’ve been chatting regularly ever since.  

As I say in the interview, I think it’s really interesting that we became such fast friends, because Angie’s work is highly intuitive in nature, and mine is much more grounded in linear thinking (I out myself for being highly sensitive later on!) 

Angie works with EPIC Sensitives (Empaths, Psychics, Intuitives and Clairvoyants) to help them embrace their gifts, rather than see them as a burden.  We talk about how society tends understand EPICs through the lens of diagnoses (such as sensory processing disorder) and she answers a question I’ve had on my mind about mental illness.

Angie Millgate

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