Once upon a time, many years ago, someone called me “an academic.”  And, I won’t lie.  It stung.  For me, to be perceived as an academic wasn’t a good thing.  It meant I was unaccessible and above others…  which I know just wasn’t true.  So for a long time, I kept that part of me tucked away, so no one could see it. Which is why I am so happy to have met Alex Iglecia.  I experience him as a deep thinker who has as many questions as insights to share.  In our first conversation, I remarked that he has “a brilliant mind.”  I appreciate a lot of things about Alex.  But here’s what the person in the story above appreciates most:  I never get the sense that Alex feels the need to apologize for who he is, or for his intelligence.  In fact, I’m convinced he embraces it fully! When you listen to this episode of B is for Brilliant, you will hear Alex’s brilliance shine through.  It’s the kind of brilliance best experienced than defined by words.  Have a listen!

When you listen to the conversation you’ll hear

  • Alex’s take on the limiting belief of “I am not enough.”
  • about how we often wrap things in the layer of wrongness, and what can open up when we take it away
  • the two things Alex truly cares about in life: snuggles and facilitating
  • all about Alex’s Global Contribution (and that we all have one)
  • Alex describe the difference between a coach and a facilitator (and why Alex was told he was “uncoachable”)
  • discussion about the question, “What’s mine to do?”
  • the importance of the word “already”
  • what Being Epic means and why it’s Alex’s way of eradicating the need for self help
Alex Iglecia

Alex Iglecia

"Thanks for being epic!"

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Thanks for being Epic!

Keep reading below to see why I know Alex is Brilliant.

Alex is Brilliant because he:

  • has such a clear and unwavering understanding of what he is here to do
  • is incredibly perceptive
  • ensures his ideas are accessible through great examples and stories
  • can connect the dots in a heart beat
  • is skeptical, which means he investigates further to find out what’s true and what’s not
  • loves questions and is happy to stay in the question without having to have an answer
  • makes it a habit to ask himself “What’s mine to do?”

Most of all, I appreciate Alex’s invitation to understand what you ALREADY are (which is epic, by the way.) There’s no need to pursue epicness.  You already are playing the bigger game.  Once you recognize that, sure, you can cultivate it, but there’s nothing you need to do first.