On the surface, my conversation with Meshell Baker appears to be about a woman living her purpose while driving across America in an RV with the words “What would you do if you knew you would not fail?” across it.  But at a much deeper level, it’s about Meshell’s unwavering faith in the Creator and the trust she places in him and in herself.  It’s a story about her willingness to listen to her inner voice as she builds her business, instead of looking outwards for the answers.

Not that she hasn’t done that in the past.  Meshell quickly learned how to be the “best employee ever” by observing others.  She learned to differentiate herself.  And she modelled what others did to be “successful.”  But in the end, that version of successful included a lot of material “stuff.”  It meant she needed to work at a job she just “kind of liked,” so she could pay for it all.

So, Meshell went on a quest for fulfillment.  She stopped looking to others to see what to do for herself.  And when she organized her first Vision Board workshop at her church, she knew that was what she was meant to do.  So she built a business around it.

In this episode of B is for Brilliant, Meshell joins me to talk about her decision to pack up her life and take her business on the road in an RV.  We talk about what Meshell calls the “Art of Being Uncomfortable,” the importance of listening, and how it takes practice to really hear our inner guidance.



  • Meshell had her first taste of a vision after being incarcerated at the age of 20 – her vision then?  To never go back to jail!
  • it wasn’t until later that she came to understand how important it is to have a vision of what she did want, along with a purpose
  • she believes that the Creator made each of us with a purpose and that he would never be so cruel as to not give you an instruction manual
  • our instruction manual is our inner voice – our inner guidance
  • we need to be quiet and LISTEN (note the letters also spell SILENT and ENLIST)
  • only when we are SILENT can we LISTEN and hear clearly, in order to ENLIST the Creator to guide us
Meshell Baker

Meshell Baker

Congruency Catalyst

Only in Silence Can We Truly Listen

B is for Brilliant

Keep reading below to see why Meshell is Brilliant.

Meshell is Brilliant because she:

  • is really a force to be reckoned with – I dare you to spend time with her and not feel energized and rejuventated
  • helps people align their dreams, purpose and desires through Vision Boards
  • packed up her whole life to take her business on the road because it combines everything she wants to do and be
  • allows herself to be guided by her inner voice while she carries out her plans and isn’t afraid to change course
  • believes in “mastery of craft” and wants to leave people better off than they ever thought possible
  • understands that our heart is truer to who we are than anything else – too much gets filtered through our minds

My favourite Meshell quote:  “I’m not looking to inspire and motivate you.  That just gets you giddy for the night. Or for the day.  I’m looking to transform you into who you’ve been created to be!”