Joanne Jaworski

Joanne Jaworski

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What Have You Stuffed and Stored, locked and linked?


Joanne Jaworski is not your typical Business Coach.  She helps energy-savvy entrepreneurs uncover and release the hidden blocks that prevent them from receiving their greatest manifestation.  Joanne uses EFT (also known as Tapping) to help people get unstuck, by finding the “root cause” of the issue, instead of focusing so much on the symptoms.


You’ll know you’d benefit from working with her if you or your clients have a “ya, but…” reaction to an idea or possibility that would move them forward in their business.


During our conversation, you’ll hear Joanne talk about Negative MEEPs (the source of the walls we bump into):


Modeling before the age of 7




Emotional Upsets/Traumas (they don’t have to be huge to lock in place in your body)




One of the patterns we talk about is procrastination.  Joanne believes that procrastination is simply a way for our sub-conscious mind to protect us from getting hurt or alerting us to danger.  And guess what?  As human beings, we are really good at avoiding pain.  So we avoid what will bring us discomfort.  And yet we beat ourselves up over it!!


Tapping helps get to the source of an issue – whether it’s a memory or an emotion that someone’s “stuffed and stored.”  It may present as a symptom in our body, or as a recurring health issue.  It can also be a trigger.  All these things are designed to get our attention!!


What’s truly amazing about EFT (and I experienced it myself) is how you can work on one issue, and it can take you down a path to something else.  Often times, the mental brain will not be able to take you there.  Listen to hear Joanne share the story of a 59 year old man who came to her about a job situation and had some really interesting, unrelated results (he got some amazing job offers too.)


My Big Take Away


If you don’t have a vision that’s aligned with your sub-conscious, it (the sub-conscious) will create all kinds of havoc to prevent you from moving forward (it can get really creative to keep you safe!)


Visionary Alter-Ego:  Penny Plateau

Joanne connected with Penny Plateau, especially the “need for processes to ease delegation.”  She’s been in business for awhile now, and has plateaued in her current model.  As a self-described “big picture thinker” she just doesn’t enjoy the details.  And, she knows that she doesn’t need to do those things that drain her.  She also wants to stay focused on her path and purpose.

So Joanne knows she needs to delegate certain tasks (especially the techie stuff) to someone else.  But she’s had some bad experiences with assistants in the past, and knows that TRUST is the key ingredient in bringing someone onboard to support her.  Not having the right fit = PAIN (and what do we naturally avoid?)  However, having the right fit takes the burden away.

A Tip for Penny Plateau’s

Finding the “right” person for the job you need them to do for you may take some experimenting.  If it doesn’t work out, it’s not the concept of delegation that’s off – it’s the mismatch of your expectations with reality.  Use the information contained in your disappointment to become clearer and more specific about what you qualities an qualifications you need in the person you want to hire.

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