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Recently I shared a story that asks you to consider if chaos is a source of trouble or inspires creativity in your business.   I included a direct link to a Chaos Assessment Tool so you could quantify the degree of chaos you’ve got going on.  You can have a look at it here.  Now I’m asking: are you calm, perceptive and earning in your business?

I’ve come to understand that there’s actually a Cycle of Chaos that entrepreneurs can fall into in their business.  Or, they can experience a certain level of success in their business that creates chaos in their personal lives.  In the video below, I take you through the Cycle of Chaos.

There are three “zones” involved:

  1. Tired, Overwhelmed and Struggling
  2. Calm, Perceptive and Earning
  3. Reactive, Stressed and Scrambling

I explain each zone and how they are connected to create the Cycle of Chaos.

You’ll have the chance to reflect on where you spend most of your time – in one of the zones or in the cycle.

I ask you what would be possible if you could spend more time in the zone of Calm, Perceptive and Earning.

And, at the end, I share with you how you can ask for my help.


what would be possible?

What would be possible if you could consistently spend more time in the Calm, Perceptive and Earning zone?  How would your business be different if you shift back into it more easily and more quickly?  What would that be like for you?

Would You Like My Help?

If you would like my help, I invite you to schedule a 45 minute Clarity Call with me.  During our time together, I’ll ask you some questions so I understand how the Cycle of Chaos impacts you.  I’ll offer a few suggestions, and if it looks like we’d be a good fit to work together, I’ll share that opportunity with you.   Sound good?  Schedule time with me here.

Have you met your Visionary Alter-Ego?

Once you meet your Visionary Alter-Ego, you’ll have a whole new understanding of WHAT’S holding you back in your business.  And then you can start leveraging its power.  Who will yours be?

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