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In April 2016, I was in an awkward and uncomfortable place in my business.

I was enrolled in a group coaching program, having a really difficult time doing some of what I was being asked to do.  Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t being asked to do anything nefarious, but still, I kept having this nagging feeling that it wasn’t right for me.

A BIG theme in our coaching was “pushing through fear.”  If we were hesitant to do something, it was because we were just afraid, and in that case, we were encouraged to do it anyways.

But the more I “did it anyways” the worse I felt.  Until finally I started to recognize that it didn’t feel like fear to me.

It just plain felt wrong.  And I felt it in my body.  Literally.  I felt heavy.

And the worst part was – I didn’t understand WHY it felt wrong and heavy for me.  The expert knew what she was talking about, right?  It had worked for her and hundreds if not thousands of people before me.  Other people in my group seemed to be able to follow our weekly instructions with no problem and with no questions asked.  And they were flourishing to boot.

So I was left wondering – what was wrong with me?  Seriously.

Enter Beth Grant.

I happened to be listening to a “free webinar” one day (you know, the kind where they pitch a program?) and one of Beth Grant’s offerings was included as a bonus to this person’s program.  I wasn’t interested in signing up, but something told me to visit Beth’s website.

And thank goodness I did.

Because as It turns out, there wasn’t anything wrong with me after all!

Thanks to Beth’s brilliance, I came to understand that there are different marketing styles.  And, if you market out of alignment with yours, it can feel really yucky, you tend to end up with the wrong clients, and you probably don’t make a lot of money – all three of which were happening to me!  (BTW, Beth calls this The Marketing Alignment Grid.)

So, as Gru would say, “light bulb!”

Thanks to Beth, I understood.  The stuff that felt right to me was in alignment with who I am, and the stuff that didn’t, well, it simply wasn’t.    And while I say it is simple, it was also transformational with a capital T.

It was a huge relief to discover that there was another way to be in business that felt much more authentic to me, because I’ll be honest, I couldn’t keep going the way I was going.

I feel like Beth and I are kindred spirits… or maybe we are quirky spirits.. we both truly love strategy as much as we appreciate creativity and full self-expression, which I feel is a rare combination to find in a fellow human being.

While we were walking together in the streets of Chicago last year, she asked to stop so she could take a picture of a beautiful bicycle with flowers in the basket – for her street art collection.  I love to see her pics in my Instagram feed.  I also appreciate her dedication to her other artistic passions like writing and painting.

I can’t thank Beth enough for everything she’s taught me in the past year – from how to give a webinar “the Truth Guide way” to how to have a real, authentic sales conversation based on clarity and choice, to helping me see that I needed (and wanted) to get back to having lots and lots of joy in my business.

So an eclectic hats off to you, Beth Grant.  You are brilliant, and I very much appreciate you and what you do!


Mary Strachan

Mary Strachan

For the longest time, Mary tried to downplay her engineer-like super-powers.  Now, as the Get-It-Done Facilitator, she combines her love of systems with her intuition to help Visionary Entrepreneurs stop procrastinating and turn their to-do lists into DONE (so they can stop hiding and share their brilliance with the world!)

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