Create an Action Map

You’ve got a project or idea in mind and it feels overwhelming.  You’re not quite sure how or where to start.  It might feel like it’s too complicated.  You need help to lay out a plan that will serve as a compass as you take action.


You’ve decided.  You’re desire to  ___________ is going to happen.  But you don’t know where to start.  Or you feel overwhelmed at the thought of it.  So you don’t do it.  But you keep thinking about it because you WANT to do it.

Let’s change that.

The Solution:  I’ll help you create an Action Map

During our time together, I’ll help you break your BIG idea down into manageable steps.  Then we’ll attach those steps to a timeline (based on your calendar) so you know exactly how to get-it-done.

Working with Mary is a wonderful experience. She offers an incredible combination of knowledge, expertise, kindness and generosity. If you want an Action Map – a step-by-step plan to accomplish your project and reach your goal – then I highly recommend working with Mary Strachan.

She knows what questions to ask to help you get clarity on what you want to offer and how you want to offer it, then guides you on an exploratory conversation to figure out exactly how to GET. IT. DONE.

Mary eliminates the “I don’t know where to start” fear and all the guesswork of what “next steps” to take. She is a committed partner who truly wants to see you succeed.

Jodi Graber

Bravo Wellness