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I’ll Create an Action Map for You

(Ideal when you know WHAT you want to create but have no idea HOW.)

Have me create an Action Map for you when you have a Big Idea and:

  • it feels way too complicated or big
  • you’re not quite sure where to start
  • there’s too many moving parts
  • the details overwhelm you

Here’s how the Action Mapping process works:

Step 1. You fill in a questionnaire and tell me all about all about your Big Idea.

Step 2. We spend about 3 hours together.  I ask questions and help you translate your Big Idea into tangible tasks.

Step 3. I take away all that information and turn it into an Action Map that lays outs out the steps for you.

Step 4. You review the Action Map.  I make revisions to your map upon request.


If you’d like an Action Map for your Big Idea, reserve your spot on my calendar (you’ll make your payment there too.)

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