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I was so impressed, I had to share…

I love to share resources that make a big impact on me and could potentially do the same for you.

I was in a Q and A call with Chris Stoner last week, and she talked about a body of work that she’s studying. In the end, she shared the link to a quiz, and intuitively, I knew I needed to do it – even though practically-speaking, I had lots of work to do and don’t necessarily need more emails coming into my inbox!

The quiz was Polly Hearsey’s What is Your Power Element?

And I was so impressed, that I just had to tell you about it.

But first, my results: FIRE

It was like looking at myself in a mirror…

Learning about the FIRE Element was like looking at myself in a mirror – but a mirror I’d never used before…

In this new context, seemingly singular awarenesses about myself transformed into something that totally made sense to me in terms of who I am and how I show up in business.

I now understand “me” in a whole new way, on a whole new level.

Here’s a few of the FIRE characteristics that resonated with me:

  • I thrive on challenges (this explains a LOT of things in my life and my business)
  • Whatever I’m “fired up” about becomes the centre of my attention (so very true – sometimes to the extreme)
  • I’m full of ideas and creative solutions but if I don’t act on them quickly, I’ll lose them to the next one that comes through (yep!)
  • Learning and taking action fuels me (I seek out ideas and books when I need inspiration, and I always try to implement what I learn)
  • I shut down/rebel against too much structure (one hundred percent…)

And there’s so much more… it was like a gift that kept on giving…

This is the power of a quiz, my friend…

I actually made time in my day to sit with this information. To really allow myself to absorb what Polly shared with me.

Having this new knowledge feels like I’ve been in the most gentlest of catapults, and I’m suddenly further ahead than I was before… Not only that, I know I can leverage this information in my business.

YES, the whole experience was positive and transforming.

But guess what?

Polly Hearsey, the entrepreneur, has captured my attention.

I explored her website.

I joined her community on Slack.

I even signed up for one of her free courses.

And I shared her work with you.

This is the power of a quiz, my friend.

5 Crucial Questions to Ask yourself before you create that quiz…

Now, before you decide you MUST create a quiz to make an impact like this, I need for you to take a step back.

Even take a breath.

Yes, a quiz is a powerful version of an opt-in.

But is it right for you and your business?

I created a training called 5 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Create That Quiz, and this is one of the topics I cover.

Go ahead and ask for the training if you’re contemplating building a quiz for your brand.